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After our mammoth sleeping session, I get up pretty early, have breakfast at the hostel, then book our next place for tomorrow, the Monkey Republic, which was recommended to us, by some American dude at Poipet> at $6 a night, on the beach, we think it's a steal, and it has good security (Sihanoukville has a problem with theft) so that's all good.

Our tuk-tuk driver meets us at 11, and takes us to a floating village. We pay $20, and get a private tour of the village, which is entirely self-sufficient. It has churches, schools, laundry, police, everything you could think of. People don't need to leave, until the dry season, when they move their entire village several kilometres away, in the Tonle Sap river.

After going through the village, we stop in the middle of the Tonle Sap, where hawkers still try to sell us stuff off their little boats, and the guide explains a little about the fish. Apparently they can get catfish which are 80kg big! That's frigging huge....

On the way back, Burg drives the boat for a while, whilst I crap myself. We stop off at a floating crocodile farm/fish farm/restaurant/souvenir shop and eat some snake. Why not? It's really good, and we reckon it tastes like a cross between tuna fish and beef jerky. Very salty, but tasty.

We finish the tour, and tip the driver $5, and the guide the same. We get out, and our driver is nowhere to be seen, so we walk a little way around the little harbour, but nowhere! Another tuk-tuk driver says our driver got a flat tyre on the mountain, and had to go fix it. Well, OK then. That explains everything!

He eventually turns up, and we head towards the market, being chased by ever-darkening clouds. We know it's just a matter of time before we get pissed on, and I get my poncho on ready. Then it comes! It doesn't rain here, it POURS. But it's warm, and refreshing, and I have my poncho so I'm fine. Burg doesn't, but claims to love it anyway.

We head to Siem Reap market, and get some bargains, including the Vietnam Lonely Planet, with some serious haggling. We eat at a local restaurant, which is really cheap, and I have lovely Grilled Fish with Mango. Cambodians love their seafood, which is a good thing, cos so do I!

Matey drops us off at our hostel, and we pay him an exorbitant fee. We pay $45 each, which we know is too much, but it's not that much really, considering he's been driving us around for 3 days solid. I think sometimes we interrupted his sleep, but there you go...

We head to the butterfly garden for a drink, just to check it out, but it's a dissapointment, as we only see two butterflies. Which are dead. So we leave, and go to Pub St, and eat at the Red Piano, where Angelina Jolie stayed when she filmed Tomb Raider. I have La Lok, a Cambodia specialty, stir-fried beef with onion and tomato, and it's frigging lovely. I'm glad I like food...

We have some pitchers, on a mini crawl, get some food for the long bus ride tomorrow, and go to bed. I'm going to miss Siem Reap, I really love the place. Soon, it'll be all Maccy'd and Starbucks...but I hope I'm wrong. Unfortunately, being the base for the temples (which are attracting 15% increases in tourists per year) means more commercialisation, and lots of big hotels have already opened up. Still, if people stay at the local guesthouses, and the money goes to Cambodian people, it can only be a good thing.
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Siem Reap
photo by: genetravelling