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I think I lost last night at shithead, as I have a terrible hangover in the morning, though Burg isn't doing much better. Somehow we manage to stumble out of bed, and down the road to book our boat to Pak Beng for tomorrow. It takes two days to get back into Thailand from Luang Prabang on a slow boat, with an overnight stop in Pak Beng, in Laos. I thought we could book the boat all the way from Luang Prabang to Chiang Kong, but apparently it's only to Pak Beng. It's 120,000 kip each (6 quid), and will take 8 hours. I don't understand why people don't make the effort to visit Laos from Thailand, as it's so close, and definitely worth it. Then again, Laos would be full of chavs, and no-one wants that.

Food is not a good idea, and breakfast doesn't go down too well. In our LP guidebook it says kip is not exchangable outside of Laos, so we change a lot of our remaining kip into baht (which is accepted here, along with US dollars) at a bank on Sisavangvong. In a bit of spare time before the trip to Kuang Si waterfall, we recover by chilling at our guesthouse.

It's 26km to Kuang Si from Luang Prabang, which was a bit of a mission in a tuk-tuk! Even if it is a jumbo, and seats 10 people! Almost as soon as you get in, there is an enclosure which houses some bears and a tiger, both rescued from poachers, and they have a large area in which to roam, which is good to see. It's a little hike to the waterfall (seems longer with the heat) but it's worth it, as it's a spectacular sight. You can climb right to the top, but I pussy out when the steps become part of the waterfall itself. There are lots of little waterfalls which come off the main one too, creating an awesome view.

The great thing is you can swim in one of the pools at the bottom too, though it's freezing, though very refreshing! On the way back, we stop at a H'Mong village, where they do the usual and try to get you to buy stuff. After Sapa, we're a bit blaze about minority people, so we head back in the tuk-tuk devoid of purchases.

At dinner, it rained.

I didn't think it would ever rain in Laos, I hadn't even seen a cloud 'til that day. And it didn't just rain, it started to pour. The night market closed up early, and we get back to the hostel early, after getting some provisions for the boat ride the next day. By provisions, I mean cake.

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Luang Prabang
photo by: oxangu2