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Not much to report today, to be honest. Most of the day was spent in
bed, until 4:30PM actually! So, we had to pay for another day, but it
was better that way, we thought, than having to get up and check out
at 12, then hang around until 7:30PM, for our overnight bus.

We try to eat some food, and I inexplicably order some steak and
mashed potato, which is great for hangovers! Hmm....makes me feel 10x
worse. This already daunting bus ride, is going to suck even more now!

So, we get the bus at 7:30 from our hotel, and it takes ages to leave,
stopping at every guesthouse in town, seemingly! It's quite empty, so
we can lay down, but no sleep for me, as we sit on top of the wheel arches,
so we can feel every bump on the road. It's starting to get light, and
still I haven't slept, so I figure I should stay up all night.

At 5:30AM, we go past some old ladies doing some exercise in a park,
and also some badminton going on! No wonder they all live so long out

Lesson for today: When on an overnight bus, grab the back seat, and
whatever you do, don't sit over the wheels, or go out heavily drinking
the night before!

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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85