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I will miss Sihanoukville. Despite the problems with begging kids, and theft (which didn't happen to us, luckily) it's a really vibrant, up-and-coming place. Soon MacD's will come, but for now, it's a lovely piece of undeveloped beach without high-scale tourism development.

We start at 8:30AM, and get another dodgy moto to the bus station, then get on the bus to PP. It's only 4 hours, and we've done the ride before, so it's not too taxing. The only slightly dodgy thing is the driver, who nearly crashes a few times, and overuses his horn, but no cows this time luckily.

PP is a world away from anywhere else in Cambodia, with just over a million population, it's the biggest city by a mile, and is full of motos and (we've heard) guns. We get a tuk-tuk to our hostel, which is a good size, 3 beds, and a cover! Luxury!

We dump our stuff and hit some of the cafes on the riverside, which has some really picturesque views. I find Cambodia is full of contrasts. We are sitting there on the front, having an Angkor beer, and then some old guy, and I mean OLD, walks past with 3 girls. Young girls. It's sickening, and makes you really angry.

One cool thing we saw though was Cambodian teenagers, who get an empty bottle, of say Coke, and kick it around. Not that cool, you may think, but they wait for the bottles to come over their heads, then kick it up with the soles of their feet, not unlike Rene Higuita's famous scorpion-kick, but on a smaller scale. Really, really cool, and it looks stupidly difficult to do...

So far, I have seen not one person with a gun. PP is meant to be all about guns, so I'm not sure what's going on there...but I don't mind. The less guns the better, in my view...

We have dinner locally, and book a tour for the next day around Tuol Sleng, and the Killing Fields, which should be an eye-opener. Til then...

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Phnom Penh
photo by: terminalfunk