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It's an early start today, but we reckon it'll be worth it. We get up at 4AM, to go to Angkor Wat, and watch the sunrise. We get there, and it's pitch black, all that can be made out is buses of tourists doing the same thing as us. But that's cool, we're tourists too. So, we walk down the long path which leads to Angkor Wat, with the temples reflecting in the moat, it looks really intimidating. We sit down on a patch of grass, and wait.

After a little while, the sun comes up, and it's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, as the sun rises over the top of the furthest right pillar, I take 2697 photos, all of them amazing. Probably the best photos ever taken, as I have discovered how to change the filter on my camera, so the colours are really bright and vibrant. Definitely the coolest thing we had seen so far, and worth the early start.

After Angkor Wat, we have breakfast in a cafe, and I have a bacon and cheese omelette. Which is actually just a normal omelette with bacon next to it, and cheese on top. But it's still good. After breakfast we head to 2 more temples, but we're starting to perspire again, and after sunrise at Angkor Wat, nothing can really top it. Or so we think.

Our tuk-tuk driver suggests we might want to try firing an AK-47. We suggest he is right. So we go to some remote shooting range, where there is shitloads of guns on the wall, and fire AK-47's at paper targets for $40. It's really fun, but I am shit, and only get one shot in the shoulder. Burger get's nearly all of his on target. He should join the army.  We have the opportunity to fire an M-1, or expire a cow with a rocket-launcher, but we decline. Not on moral grounds, but on financial!

We hit two more temples, the more remote ones, but are all templed-out by this point, so we go back to the hostel and have some lunch, then go into town and book our bus into Sihanoukville, which costs $12, via Phnom Penh. We get back to the hostel and promptly pass out, until the next morning. Maybe the jetlag finally caught up...
AtlantaScottyV says:
2697 amazing photos of the sunrise and not even one posted here? LOL. Nice blog of the day, though! Sounds exciting.
Posted on: Jan 08, 2008
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