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Thankfully we check out of our ridiculously overpriced hotel, after waking at 11, and make our way over to our spiritual home, the Elizabeth hotel. Just to rub salt in the wound, we are charged $8 for laundry. Maybe that's the charge for having it done in a day. Or maybe the fact we were checking out raised the price. Anyways, who cares, soon we will be in Laos, after a (hopefully) awesome trip to Halong Bay.

After some food at our second spiritual home (Le Pub), we go to Vietnam Airlines, and check the tickets. Burg's is fine, but mine reads Sean Tenning. Oh dear. The girl at the desk says she can change it, but we need to come back at 5. Whilst wandering back to the 'Liz, we bump into Matt, the guy we shared a room with in Dalat. Small world, and all that. So we agree to meet up later on at Le Pub to watch the Liverpool Arsenal game. One of his mates tells us of a shitty time he had in Halong Bay, but ours will be alright. Hopefully.

The only bad thing about the Elizabeth is one of the guys who works there is very touchy-feely, and annoying. He finds us later whilst we are on the 'Net, so we leave. Not before I find out that the Kangaroo Cafe we booked our Halong Bay trip with, is a FAKE! That's right, no copyright laws in Vietnam, so fake cafes have sprung up everywhere. It's our own fault for not checking, but I'm a little less optimistic about our tour tomorrow now. Oh well, it's booked, as long as it's sunny it'll be OK.

After a brief saunter down to the Vietnam Airlines shop, we get the tickets! All booked for 5 Nov, $140 including departure tax. I am sooo looking forward to going to Laos, and chilling out, for 10 days or so.

The evening was spent having some grub at the Kangaroo Cafe (even though they're fake, they do good grub!), and then to Le Pub to catch up with Matt, and a friend of his, Craig, and watch the game. Which is a cracker. 2-2, with a last gasp Arsenal equaliser, and saved me 100,000 dong on a bet I had with Burg. The tab is pretty high, about 800,000d so we get out of there after the game, go to another pub, where Burg promptly steals Rice Wine from Buddha. Damned as we are, we go to bed, slightly tipsy, and the early morning the next day is not looking very appealing!

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photo by: mario26