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Steps after steps.. they are everywhere
Inca Trail: Our day started out fine.  Melissa, Sarah, Joao and I packed up things and took off at around 5am to start the Inca Trail.  We had packed enough food and water for the 3day hike.   It was Wednesday, and it raining lightly.   At around noon, after 5 hours of non stop hiking, we decided to stop for a break.  The trail wasn't as bad as I thought it wil be, little did I know. 

Noon, same day: Along the way we would cath up with other groups of people, sometimes single fellow traverlers and of course, local residents who apperently do this every day, except they do it for a living.   By 3pm our group of four doubled.  There was Franc from France, Linda from, Australia, Miguel from Colombia, Zoe and Camille from Brazil.
A quick shot on one of our 20 minute break stops
  Dusk arrived and decided to play it safe and camped alongside the trail.  The sky was clear and the star looked differen than back home in US.   The air was humid and temp was at around 70F.  I can't tolerate snakes, in fact, I freak out whenever I see one, I had seen a couple along the way , so I couldn't go to sleep that easy; I would flash out at any little noise and was making sure I had tucked in my blacket all around every five minutes.    Sarah was nice enough to keep my worries out by telling me stories in her broken Spanish (she is from Germany), stories she had heard from teaching in Uruguay, Bolivia dn Peru.  Somehow Melissa slept like a rock even though she too, was a little worried about snakes.

Morning, Thursday:

5am in the morning, the mist around us moisturized my face and soon I realized the temperature had risen about 10 degrees.  We entering the slope, our uphill hiking had come to an end.  Though we faced inclines three, the last one felt longer.  The humid breeze of the Amazon jungle was settling into the morning and we all, one piece at a time, began to take off our outer clothing layer.   By noon, we were sweating like crazy, the air felt heavier, the air, cleaner.   We had reached the descent into the jungle.   Machu Picchu is actually about 2000 feet lower than Cusco and it located in the outer layer of the Amazon jungle.   Aguas Calientes was our next stop.  We were about 6 hours away, but our frequent stops to visit other small ruins kept us into the night.  We camped for the last time before reaching Aguas Calientes.  Mosquitoes, yeah, they were everywhere, maybe because of the lower temperature, the high humidity level or the scattered lagoons from the river where I assumed they reproduced in quantities.  I hate mosquitoes!

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Steps after steps.. they are every…
Steps after steps.. they are ever…
A quick shot on one of our 20 minu…
A quick shot on one of our 20 min…
Machu Picchu
photo by: NazfromOz