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After hopping a cathay pacific flight over to Denspar from LAX (cathay is a decent airline with decent food great service, although on the two flights the planes did not have any airvents so it was to hot/stuffy, I have never been on planes with out these, but other than that our coach seats were comfortable and well served, I slept very well the flight into Hong Kong (there are no direct flights to Denspar) with the aid of some sleeping pills so two meals two movies and a good long rest and the first flight I made quick work of :)

On the stopover in Hong kong, btw probably the best airport in terms of beauty and comfort in the entire world, we went to the shower location, for the price of about 45 USD you can hang out in this lounge, have juice and softdrinks and a nice shower a 15 minute massage (which after a 15 hour flight is AMAZING) wrteless internet, and a decent buffet meal, totally worth the price and a great relaxer.

The flight into Bali we managed to switch seats to an exit row and have a hue amount of leg room, that combined with the asian service and free alcohol made it as good as business class in the USA :)

The flight landed hard but in such a big plane that was ok, and we proceddedto go to customs, now you can get a Visa when you arrive, so don't bother paying an agency to get you one before hand it costs $25 USD per person,  a caution, the indonesian people do not take kindly to drugs in the airport they have big sins that inform of the death penalty for bringing drugs into the country. Death is insane but that is the law, :) anyways, they want to know about cigarettes and alchol and your movie tapes, (they don't allow pronography, so they will inspect them and take away anything adult. after you get your bags then you go through an inspection, most times they don't check anything and when they do it is very lightly, unzip peer inside move one thing zip it back up... but let me tell you they are all over collecting that 25 USD per person to enter the country, that process is one they reallycare about.

You get a 30 day visit visa and make sure you arrange transportantion in advance becuase that is going to be way easier (they will wait for you with a sign) and will save you a lot, don't pay more than 20-25 USD for a days' transportation.

Also do not exchange your cash for ruppies at the airport you will get a bad rate stop off at a money changing locationon the way to your hotel :)

We are staying today at the Hoeymoon guest house in Ubud, which is an amazing place they have beautiful rooms and huge bathrooms, and great showers, the breakfast will be coming at 6:30, but we woke at 5:00 becuase of the tiem change, a pretty good start try to stay awake untill 8:00 or 9:00 local time if you can so that you can start to get acustomed to the time change. now let's talk about the shower at this honeymoon guest house. it is the best shower I have ever had, there is like a torrent of water pelting be with a magnificent flow that just cannot be beat, like I felt like   was in a summer downpur with my entire body getter pelted, it was amazing!!! ohhhh I need to get some property stateside so that I can build a shower like this.

we still have not experienced the local food, we passed out immediately upon arriving and now we are very hungry try to eat when you arrive before sleeping.

oh man, this place is cool so much nicer than India was, less crowded anyways, but the polution and chaos of the roads is still a shocker, try not to go on long road trips the air quality is bad, I was feeling sick after just an hour on the road, I don't know how the local people do that. guess they need to :)

well I am going o go get some thing to eat, not sure what is open here at 5:30 we shall see.

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TIP: Bring lots of luggage space to load purchases into you will want to bring a lot back with you.

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