Day 2 In Bali - The Honeymoon Guest House and Cooking Class

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We were on Honeymoon, so I figured that the honeymoon guest house would be a great place to say and sure enough I was not dissapointed;

The Honeymoon Guest House  is a boutique hotel (which like all the other good hotels that we stayed at in Bali) has the most friendly and helpful of staff; the rooms however in Bali, typically are not "enclosed" or "sealed structures, they usually have permenatly open air features, which is ok becuase it is usually so warm and temperate that this works well.

Anyways, this hotel had the most amazing shower/bathroom and bathtub, they were awesome; the shower was like a torrential downpour of hot wonderful water flowing down me, and they get the idea that a shower head should be tall enough for a man (6'5' off the ground at least) this shower also is great for two to share becuase the shower was not enclosed; so for a romantic experience I would say this is a great spot.

after a shower and a great breakfast including the local tea (which we loved so much we picked up a pack to take home with us at the grocery store) we headed down to take a cooking class.

The cooking class was an absolute blast we went into the local market and the tour guid, who I'm sure was inflating the prices of everything that was for sales there - my bet would be that he get's kickbacks from his tours becuase he controls the attention and walles of 10-15 tourists; was none the less extremely interesting. I drank the local morning drink which was made from gelatnous palm leaves solked soy beans and palm syrup, it smelled like popcorn and tasted much like... well, it was... I dunno, it tasted strange, I'm glad there was palm syrup in there :)

after hagleing with merchants for the price of soap and spices (which I did'nt do very well ;) we went back to the honeymoon guest house for our cooking class;

Almost all balanese cooking starts with a mortar and pestle and various spices round into a fine paste;

The food was insanely good, including some tofu deepfried fritters, this green been dish that was just to die for and some delicous chicken curry, if you go to ubud, I highly reccomend the casa luna cooking class; it is just awesome.

After the cooking class I had a massgage from the in-house thai massage therapist who does an amazing hour long reflexology massage with accupreassure; my wife took a nap (we were still jet-lagged)

so I guess you are wondering wht the price per night is for this wonderful hotel, well, it sure beats Hawaii at only $45 USD per night :)

the cooking class was only 25 USD per person for 4 hours and a fantastic meal.

Bali is  both wondeful in it's culture, people, and prices. and so beautiful... untill tomorrow.

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photo by: eddie8498