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I just saw the rest of my group head off to Prague this morning. I leave for London this evening. I am excited to some alone time, but I am going to miss the people on the trip- ok at least most of them. I have had such a good time with them. It is amazing how close one can become with people when you spend so much time around them. I loved the program. I just havent had the time to talk about it as I would like becuase I have been on the run for so much since we left Brussels. I am going to go back and add entries for Paris and Berlin once I find a place where I can add pictures since I have so many to share. I am looking forward to getting to an English-speaking place and relaxing a little. I just realized that I am going to be in London on the night that England plays Portugal to try and get into the semifinals of the World Cup. Its going to be chaos if they win and even worse should they lose. I am thinking about not even leaving my hostel that day. I will of course be purchasing England football crap so that I fit in with the crowd. MTV and Viva are the two music channels over here in Germany and they have been playing the crap out of any song that is football related. Here are two of my more favorite songs. This one is in support of the German team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKVl5mQrvKE (I shouldnt have to tell you that it is in German). And the English team has this one that has been played for 8 years now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H3f9oTyi8s (You should have guessed that it is in English). I am starting to get a little excited about it all. As long as I avoid the hooligans. I promise that I will behave and keep safe.

I am only about 10 days from seeing Annamaria in Budapest! And then after that comes Zurich and Rome!

I am going to be in the UK from today until about the 5th. Then Stockholm til the 9th.

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photo by: CFD