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So last night, I walk up to the front door of the house I am staying in and have the horrible realization that I had forgotten my key inside. And it was 1230a. I debated whether or not I should try and wake the family up and let me in. I voted for no. So instead, I spent all night wondering around Brussels and getting more and more exhasted. I dont know if I should put all of the details in here because it might make of the more faint at heart worry too much. I will be happy to tell you all about it if you ask.

Today is my last day in Belgium (for this trip). I really have it in my head to come back. And I think I may have heard a way today in Bruges. More about that later. I thought I would wrap up my experiences in Brussels here and then talk about my day in Bruges on another entry.

I am going to miss the hell out of Brussels. In the two short weeks I have been here, I have felt such a sense of belonging and like this could be a home. I love the little neighborhoods and I love the sense of safety. I cannot begin to describe just how friendly the Belgian people are. I have fallen in love with this place. The food is great. Ask me about stroemp. Its a popular dish here and its delicious! I will remember so many things from here, the Grand'Place, the Brazilian Street party in Saint-Géry, using public transport constantly, the firends i have made here, the places i have seen and the important people i have mat- it all adds up to indescribable.

I have a new video and song that I am addicted to - Pakito and Living on the Radio. The video can be seen here: If you know my tastes at all, you will understand. I am thuroughly exhausted and have to pack so I can catch my taxi at 540a tomorrow, so I am going to leave my thoughts at there for the moment. I reserve the right to come back to them whenever I want.

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photo by: Vlindeke