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Here we all are at the train station on the way to the rendez-vous location to meet our host families.

MY FAMILY HAS INTERNET! I am quite excited about this since it means it will be quite easy to update my blog and keep in touch. I just have to get used to the new keyboard. If I were to type a sentence they way that my fingers are used to, it looks like this: I q, very excited to be in Belgiu,: I reqlly like ,y fq,ily qnd q, looking forzqrd to getting to knoz the,: That was: I am very excited to be in Belgium; I really like my family and am looking forward to getting to know them. So you can see that there are some real differences. Last night was great. I hung out with Rick and Gabe and we walked about 4 miles around central Brussels. Rick and I spent a large chunk of the day together and had a fantastic lunch on the Grand'Place (big central square-type place for those unfamiliar with Brussels).

Lunch before the big meeting.
We had salmon with a mustard crust, some roasted vegetables and a beer: All for about €10 ($13), which is not bad at all. My phone did not work when I got here so we had to make sure I got a SIM card for the other phone so I could call back to the states and make sure I was reachable. Done. Then I had to call T-Mobile and bitch til my phone worked. Done.

Dr. B gave the entire group my cell phone number and I am heading out with a group tomorrow to keep ourselves occupied and to try and get a few small things taken care of.

Sorry about the rambling; but I am writing things as I think of them. Back to last night: Rick and I hit the grocery store and went back to my room to eat and watch tv and relax - remember, I didn't sleep on the plane, and we had already walked a good bit.

The view from my window at my house.
Right when we got back, Gabe called and we told him to meet up with us. I forgot to mention that somehow I got a suite at the holiday inn: For €50! That's a great deal! Anyway; Gabe met up with us and we ate bread and cheese with ham and turkey: We also went through 2 six packs of Hoegaarden (not sure about the spelling) and I also had a berry-flavored beer. I think I am actually going to be able to drink and enjoy a beer while I am over here. We then went to Grand'Place and ate frites, which are the Belgian equivalent of French fries. I had mine with curry ketchup. Lovely;

Today; the group met up and we all went to the location where we heard a little bit about Belgium and Belgian customs and then we were handed off to our host families. So far so good.

I should mention that it is rather expensive to call home using either cell phone. I am considering getting a phone card but I havent decided yet: So, as of right now, if you would like to talk to me, you can send a text message to my cell phone (use the American number you already know) or shoot me an email and I can email you my Belgian phone number. All of my incoming calls are free, so I can talk all I want if you are footing the bill. :)

I think that's enough for now. Updates will come tomorrow.

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Here we all are at the train stati…
Here we all are at the train stat…
Lunch before the big meeting.
Lunch before the big meeting.
The view from my window at my hous…
The view from my window at my hou…
My room at the house.
My room at the house.
photo by: Vlindeke