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9.18.07 - Tuesday

Today in Castro Urdailes it rained all day, although there was a short period when the rain had stopped. During that time I was able to walk along the pier and take photos. Thousands of sea crabs scurried along the rocks as I approached. It reminded me of Jay and being in the Outerbanks. The guys jogged to the other side of the beach to explore. I was able to get a few pictures of them in action. I think they’re getting cabin fever. We were not aloud to go into town today, so we all sat around reading and finishing our study assignments. After dinner was game night - we played spoons, settlers, and apples to apples. We had a meeting and then went to bed.

9.19.07 - Wednesday

Today was our very first day off, which means no work duties, no classes, or schedule.

We get eight hours to do whatever we want. The only rule is that if we go into town - we don’t go alone. I spent the day with Elena, a German girl who is still working on her English. Conversation was difficult, but we managed to understand one another. 90% of all language is body language, right? Well, we had an even harder time communicating with the locals. My Spanish is not fluent, but after taking two years of Spanish in high school, some things were coming back to me that was helpful. We spent an hour looking for the library - but people kept sending us to the Liberia - book store. It was frustrating, but we didn’t give up. Once we found it - we realized it wasn’t a Library at all, but a community center for elder people.

Afterwards we went to the beach.

Two of our crew was there. Bexi gave me her snorkel equipment and off I went into the freezing Spanish waters. I was frightened at first - every time I get in the ocean this happens. I feeling of not knowing what's below usually subsides after 10 minutes or so. There was only one other man in the water. He was attempting to snorkel to, but the water was to murky. We couldn’t see a thing. As I swam back to shore I noticed Simon and Bob showed up. They decided to pass a football on the beach. It was a perfect opportunity for me to get some action shots of them. One of the shots has Simon kilt over with the look of excruciating pain on his face - due to the ball hitting him in the privates. It was hilarious! - I know you “guys” wouldn’t agree.

There was also a little girl running along the beach that I managed to get a picture of.

Ellena and I walked back into town to use the internet again. I sat in the park and fed pigeons potato chips left over from lunch. Then we headed to our pick up location at 6pm.

The water was rough. Our little dingy boat was scary especially since I had over $1700 in electronics (laptop, camera, cell phone) in my backpack. I just imagined falling out of the boat into the sea. My hand was shaking as I climbed out of the boat onto the rope ladder and made my way back on the sail boat. We all had work duties to do, then I took a shower. After dinner we watched Josias and Remaliah do card tricks. They were incredible. After that Makayla and I laid in bed telling stories. We were cracking up - I think we were “slap happy”.

9.20.07 - Thursday

Bilboa YWAM came today.

They shared information about Lisbon and the turmoil in the Vasque Country. We prayed for their team and for Lisbon. After lunch we had maintenance to do. My job was to paint the railing on deck. After 4 hours of work - yes that long - we work a lot!, I ate dinner, then went straight to bed at 7:30pm. Physically I’m wore out. We basically are going fourteen hours straight without stopping. I’m soo exhausted that I’d rather sleep than go into town exploring. I pray daily for God’s strength.

9.21.07 - Friday

The morning discussion was great. We talked about fear and unbelief. We worshiped and prayed. The joy of the Lord was present. At 2pm we set sail for Portugal. The rest of the day we were at sea.

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