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On the lake
Zurich has been a wonderful, restful place. Albeit an expensive, wonderful, restful place. We have spent the weekend here. Zurich has been the least touristy place we have been. Lots of locals and tourists from surrounding areas. This has been the most difficult place to read signs and communicate for our students. Zurich sits on a beautiful lake with the Alps off to the south. The city itself is hilly, but not mountainous. You get the sense of wealth and prosperity here. It is a very small city, but has the nicest cars, the best stores, and at the museums the best art. Most stores close early on Saturday and aren’t open on Sunday, so between museums it was a perfect time to just walk around and enjoy the city. Saturday night, I decided to go out and see the nightlife. As it should be, my train into the city arrived just as the clock ticked to 25 after 9, the precise moment it was supposed to arrive. The city transformed itself at night. The sun is out until about 10 o clock here, so going out starts in the sunlight. There were bars and restaurants everywhere, where they hadn’t been during the day, even the train station was turned into a concert arena and later a rave. Here’s the problem though, my drink of choice – Jack and Coke – ended up costing around 14 dollars. So I didn’t stay out long. About the time I got back to the hotel, 16 people in our group were in southern Switzerland in Locarno were jumping off of a 220 meter dam attached to a bungee cord. They all made it back in one piece and made it to the first museum on Sunday, they looked tired, but happy. Today, Sunday, we visited two museums, both part of the Swiss National Museum. They were both very interesting and perfectly Swiss – organized and clean. After the museum, I walked to the waterfront and took a cruise out on the lake, which seems to be where every person in Zurich planned to be. They were at the beaches, in sailboats, walking on promenades, and hang gliding. It was a perfect day on the water, sunny and warm, blue skies, snow covered peaks, clear water, and a perfect cool breeze. Its funny that this is the warmest place we have had on the trip. After the cruise on the lake, I was determined to have Swiss food for dinner. I found a place to have raclette. Melted Emanthaler cheese with potatoes, and pickled vegetables to scoop it up with. After that it was back to the hotel to pack and get some sleep, I seem to have gotten a lot of sun today and am very tired. In the morning we are off on our longest (distance wise) part of the trip to Paris. It should be highway all the way though, and no diversions up one lane roads through the Alps, so maybe it will be shorter than the trip here.
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On the lake
On the lake
photo by: Sweetski