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The sunrise at Tikal - I think you see what I mean when I say hmmmm...!

I tried to sleep most of the way to Tikal although the minivan was packed and people were being very noisy. When we got there we milled around for ages before starting the hike so I tried to sleep again. It was almost good it was pitch black cos it meant I couldn't see how much farther there was to go - just one foot in front of the other I kept telling myself! I wasn't feeling sick anymore but just majorly drained from no sleep and no food since 11am the previous day. At around 5am we got the the top of one of the temples and settled down on the steps to watch the sunrise. We all sat in silence and it was quite eerie to hear the howler monkeys calling out from the jungle below.

Well, what can I say about the sunrise. At around 6am it lightened enough so that we could just see the outlines of the temples in the distance (although the photos I took look like they're in black and white).

Within about 15min the fog had rolled in so it was almost as if the sun had never risen at all. Oh well. I would have been disappointed if I'd stayed back at the hotel.

After the 'sunrise' we walked around all the other temples. Our guide was a crazy guy called Cesar who sounded ridiculously American but like an American that has had a good dose of magic mushrooms...! He was reasonably well informed but his dramatic emphasis of everything was just hilarious. I managed to climb up one other temple but after I fell asleep at the top and nearly lost my bag over the edge I decided it would be wise not to climb any more that day!

We had breakfast at the Jaguar Inn and I had a special all spices tea brewed from tree leaves by Cesar (supposedly a cure-all, I was slightly worried what it might contain however!) before we headed back to Flores and I slept from 12-4pm. I felt a lot better after this and we headed out for dinner and a few drinks before heading back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we leave for Belize!

malvin_soh says:
Hi...Tikal's definitely 1 place for me this trip I'm taking this year. Sounds like an awesome trip you've having in Central America.
Love your blogs!
Posted on: Feb 03, 2008
skippyed says:
You seem to have the same problem I do when in foreign places, a sensitive stomach!
Posted on: Jan 20, 2008
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The sunrise at Tikal - I think you…
The sunrise at Tikal - I think yo…
Our group: Sam, me, Rowena, Sharon…
Our group: Sam, me, Rowena, Sharo…
photo by: Deannimal