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The first dinner we ate at the dorm was an entertaining and informative one. We took it upon ourselves to sit down with a group of 5 Argentine students and say hello. The students were much more satisfying than the milanese that night. Rodrigo was the only one who spoke English... by "speaking English," I do of coarse mean broken, missing words, and jumbled-- with an uncanny resemblance to how I speak Spanish. We all talked about what we were studying in school, and it surprised me how diverse their majors were. I am not entirely sure why I expected them to all study the same thing or even what that thing was but they are becoming doctors, architects, and even the coolest profession of them all, accountants (like me.. dont laugh) After we talked about majors, we discussed where everyone was from. I knew that Argentina was a large country, but I vastly underestimated the diversity of cultures within the country. Rodrigo joked about how he was from (insert some region starting with a G?) up north, and so he had very little money but was much better looking than Sholanda, who is from a region further south. We discussed how there are mountains, rivers, plains, etc. all in one country. Eric, a Northwestern student, and I told Rodrigo how America was surprisingly similar. We also have a variety of landscapes, and Rodrigo said he could definitely tell a difference in how we talked. Southern Georgia is indeed much more like Northern Argentina I'm told and apparently New Jersey is closer to a Southern Argentina area. My roommate, Cordalina, also tried to give me a taste of Argentina via a mix CD of local music to enjoy while we were getting ready Saturday night. She is yet another friendly Argentine willing to attempt to interpret my Spanish to help me better understand her and her culture. Have I mentioned you can get empanadas for 66 cents here?!
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