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I don’t think that the magic of the Argentine peso has hit me quite as hard as when I bought my awesome new pair of Pumas the other day.  Being the Puma addict that I am, I already have this pair in orange and know that I must have spent at least $80 USD on them three years ago.  The same shoe style, but in Boca colors woot woot, were only $90 pesos, which if my calculations are correct is just over $30 USD!  With this kind of discount, I am obviously going to be forced to go back and purchase another pair or two in different colors… As much as I would love to ramble on about my show collection, this blog is more focused on my utter confusion over foreign currency.  As much as I wish I was a well informed INTA major right about now and know about this important facet of economics, I am a huge accounting dork and know only things of the debit, credit, pension valuation, and A/R overstatement sense.  Basically my main confusion lies in Argentine’s relative living standards and points of view about the peso versus the dollar.  I know the “divide by three rule” to see how much something is going to “cost”, but I do not understand how Argentines view their own currency.  Do they view things as more pricey here, or do they inherently understand that a weak currency means that something that is priced high really isn’t that expensive?  When the value of their currency changes, do they get excited when items in the store become “cheaper” or do they dislike it due to the instability that these fluctuations bring?  It is very difficult for Americans to comprehend this thought process or way of life.  We have never had to worry about a changing currency.  I honestly saw it as a novelty to check on the peso before I left to see how much it changed.  I had no idea it could affect a population so much.  A dollar had always been a dollar.  A dollar will always be a dollar…. Right?  

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