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            On May 25th, I attended the Plaza de Mayo gathering.  This day is a celebratory holiday for the whole country, as it is the day that a revolution occurred and Argentina declared independence from Spain.  The entire plaza was filled with people- in fact, there were so many people that they were pouring into nearby streets.  The festivities started off with a concert, much resembling a Selena concert from years gone by.  However, the concert was merely an opening act for President Kirchner´s address to the country.  He apparently had thoughts of addressing his people from a balcony, but it was decided that would be in bad taste considering its similarities to the Peron balcony addresses.  There were big screen T.V.s lining the streets, so that people who were far away could see events going on up front.  I was thoroughly taken aback by the widespread propaganda for the president.  I know that many people support our president, but I do not feel it is displayed in such obvious ways as here.  The crosswalks on the roads had all been stencil sprayed with “Kirchner 2007-2011” and street vendors were even selling boxes of those alajores cookies with the president´s face and name on the box.  Although I am sure that a large part of the crowd was there to catch the free concert, it is impressive how many citizens were willing to show up to shown support and hear the president´s address.

            Even more interesting than the support for the current president was the widespread support for a past administration… you guessed it, the Perons.  Even thirty years later, there were people marching in the streets with giant flags and banners in support of Juan and Eva.  One large group of young people was marching carrying flags, drums, and handing out flyers.  Upon reading the flyer, I realized that this group was trying to continue or start up a sect of the Peronist youth.  Rather than spending their time listening to the president´s speech, they were busy rallying to promote the ideas from three decades ago.  I wonder how many Argentines would reelect Juan Peron today knowing what they knew now and if Eva was not in the picture…   
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