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I attended my first soccer game, and it was in Buenos Aires to top it off!  The Boca Juniors, as well as their fans, pretty much rock my face off.  It was interesting to learn about the game of soccer, which has pretty much swept the entire world with the exception of our crazy country.  As I walk around the city, I have noticed children and grownups playing soccer in multiple neighborhoods.  It literally seems to be everywhere and in the lives of every Argentine.  I thought that my obnoxious white and gold “game day” outifts for the GT Yellow Jackets were amazing, but I have surely met my match in these Boca fans.  Not only was every single person in the stadium dressed in blue and gold attire from head to toe, but they had signs, flags, confetti, etc.  In particular, there was a large group of fans known as the 12th man.  This term comes from the group feeling that they are the 12th person adding to the usual 11 people on a soccer team.  I completely understand this name after seeing them in the stands, because I cannot see how a player wouldn´t be inspired or motivated by such avid fans.  They had bought or sewn three huge flags as well as multiple banners with the team colors on them.  The banners, with the exception of the politcal one, were related to the team, the country, and the players and they were literally about 50 seats tall by 100 seats wide!  It it interesting to see the emotion that these people experience while watching a game.  It seems that not only do they enjoy the game, but it helps many people identify with others of similar backgrounds.  It is almost like being from a country, city, or neighborhood goes hand in hand with being a fan for a particular soccer team.  In fact, a taxi driver nearly became enraged when I unknowingly revealed that I was a Boca fan and not a River Plate fan.

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