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            I went to the market in San Telmo this past Sunday.  I thought it was much more entertaining than the market at Plaza Italia and the Recoleta market.  There was a huge section dedicated to antiques.  I have never been “antiquing” before, and I was quite amazed at the variety of items people were selling at their booths.  I suppose I was more amazed at the fact that people  put these things in their booths with the though that someone would want to buy this stuff.  I understand old silverware, dishes, and jewelry, but there were a few questionable items.  I noticed tons of old black and white family and wedding photos.  I kept wondering who would buy these and why you would want to sell your family’s or someone else’s family memories.  More unusual than the family photos were the ferrets- tons and tons of skinned ferrets.  Some were sold on a skin by skin basis, while some were strung together to make a vest of sorts.  I know that some people choose to wear fur and to each his own, but these still had heads and little paws attached.  We actually ate some of those cooked, candied peanuts for a few minutes waiting in hopes that someone would approach with the intention to buy the ferret vest but we had no such luck.  However, I did find a diamond in the rough- a double record, Spanish version of the Grease Soundtrack for one peso!

            Besides the overpopulation of useless antiques, I had a good time staring at the various street performers.  It seems so unusual to me that these people dress up and just stand outside for hours waiting for tourists to throw them a few centavos and take a picture.  Are they poor people trying to pay for dinner or are they college students looking for a little extra spending cash?  It was also interesting to note that the street performers I saw here had the exact same acts as the one I have seen in Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, etc.  There was a gold guy, just spray painted entirely in gold, a guy on stilts, a guy doing the robot in a tin foil outfit, and my personal favorite, a couple who looked like they were in a wind storm aka had clothes hangers inside their clothes.  Maybe if this switch from pesos to reals affects my budget too much I can just become a “lady in a windstorm” at the local Rio street fair!
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