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We went to a tango show on Wednesday night.  It was very interesting and unusual at the same time.  I assumed that a tango show would involve one couple dancing and performing for an hour or so.  It was, however, much more elaborate than I had expected.  The show actually included seven or eight couples, a band including an accordian, a male “lounge” singer, a set of older female twin singers, and an entire gaucho scene including two live horses.  The show started with the reenactment and performance scene of the gauchos, which sort of summarized the roots and history of Argentina.  After that the group of dancing couples came out and performed for quite a while, each couple doing a noticeable variation of the other couples´ tango routines.  Then the male and female singers sang a line up of songs, many were well known Argentina classics.  Next came the “scandalous portion of the show, including scantily clad girls “performing,” if you will, with no men to entertain the disinterested female viewers.  After that the dancing couples emerged one last time, the show ended in a long, enormous champagne toast.  It was quite and elaborate show, and I was indeed impressed.  The dance moves were complex, and I personally believe the average human body was not intended to move and bend in such ways.  The average American obviously does not have such dancing skills, but I also feel that most Argentines do not either.  The intricate tango dances witnessed are in reality practiced and performed by a select few.  This dance used to be more frequently learned and practiced, but now it is performed as a means of entertainment and way to relive a culture of a time long ago and carry it on for future generations.

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