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I often like to compare my family to that portrayed in the famous movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We all love to eat, and to enjoy a good glass of wine with our meal. In fact one of my favorite hobbies is what I like to call ´restauranteering’, essentially trying all the restaurants out in my area back home. I was very excited to come to Argentina, and honestly one of the reasons was to ´try new ethnic food’.


The truth of the matter is that I was a bit surprised to find out that there is not much ´food culture’ here. This is due primarily due to the large amounts of immigration in the early years of Argentina.  Pizza is very big here due to the Italian immigration. Cafes are also found on every street corner. The biggest difference here is the amount of meat they eat.


About a year ago I was a former vegetarian, not eating any red meat at all for nearly two years. I love meat,  and started eating it again recently, but in moderation. It is not possible to eat the meat here in moderation, because once you take the first bite you are hooked.


I have been to two asados so far, and all I can say is: wow. This is not your typical North American BBQ, but reminds me more of how I eat with my family, rather than just grilling a few steaks, they grill a few cows. HA! I have never had a steak sandwich before, and it is becoming a favorite especially amongst the men in the group.


I feel that it wont be difficult to become a vegetarian when I return back home, because this experience is spoiling my palate for meat. I know once I return, not only will I have to pay over $30 for a good filet mignon at a restaurant (as opposed to my $10 filet mignon with a salad and loaded baked potato that I devoured last night), but it wont be nearly as satisfying!
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