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Outside the bar.

Korean Restaurant, Notorious Jazz Club and Deep Blue Bar ( Friday 6/2/06)


Hannah Cho is a fourth year INTA major, my roommate, and my former high school classmate. I never really knew her in high school, since our graduating class was over 600, and it is great getting to know her on this trip. Anyway she was very excited to go to a local Korean restaurant that she found in her Argentina book. I asked her if I could tag along, as I have never had Korean restaurant, and as many know I absolutely love trying new things.


Although we had initially planned on going in a small group, as it tends to be easier to order food, and split the check this way, the turnout was around 10 people! Hannah was so excited to see “her people” (as she claimed)•it was really cute.

Shot from the website.
I decided that since she knew the best, that it would be smart to have her order for me. In the end she ordered for most people, and we all shared. The food was excellent. As she described it, it is “a mix between Chinese and Japanese”. My favorite part was that rather than bringing bread and butter (which I love so much), they brought out all sorts of goodies. Fresh beans, carrots, cucumber, all in SPICY sauce, anchovies, seaweed, seaweed chips, etc. The food was excellent, especially due to the fact that it was a big change of what I have been eating (empanadas, pasta, and bread = carbs, carbs, and more carbs).


After dinner Hannah, Eric and I rushed to Notorious Jazz club to listen to live music. It was absolutely wonderful to say the least. Two cups of café doble, and a large piece of chocolate cake, with wonderful live jazz music is guaranteed to put a smile to my face.

Another shot from the website.
Upon entrance they told us that the cover was 18 pesos and I freaked out. I told Hannah and Eric that I wasn’t going to go because “it was too expensive.” Then I realized that in reality it was only $6US. Apparently I am STILL thinking in U.S. dollars, probably because I feel a jazz night in some places in Atlanta really cost $18. Brice met us at the jazz club, and it was definitely worth the $6US.


After Notorious we decided to go to a bar. So far Hannah’s guide book has been a great value, and we use it all the time for ideas of where to go and what to do. We hopped in a taxi and went to the local “hip bar”. We walked in and it was obvious right away that we were tourists, and that the bar was a hotspot for locals. After the awkward entrance, we walked across the street to a trendy looking bar called “Deep Blue”. Hannah, Brice, and Eric all ordered drinks, I got agua con gas. The techno music in the bar was great, and we just hung out, chatted, and enjoyed each others company. When we asked for the check, our waitress harassed us, and claimed that each person had to spend a minimum of 15 pesos. I felt ripped off, as if they were trying to steal my money, and force me to buy another drink. My carbonated water amounted to 5 pesos, and I felt it was unfair to have to get more drinks.


The advantage in this situation, which is one that I am beginning to enjoy, is that I can speak out loud in English, and many people cannot understand me. It is great, really. I told everyone my feelings, and that I didn’t feel it was fair that Eric and I (both of whom did not spend over 15 pesos) were forced to. I told them that I will refuse to get anything else. Unfortunately it was written (in about 5 font) on the front that we were obliged to spend a minimum of 15 pesos, on Friday, after midnight. I still felt ripped off, and calmly told everyone at the table that we were going to leave once she left the table. Brice and I acted like we were going to order another drink, and the waitress stood there still. Finally after what seemed to be an eternity she left, and I told everyone to get the money out that the owed, and on a three count we all got up and left! HA! It was pretty exciting.


This was my first time experiencing a “minimum” check amount, and I have seen it since then. I learned my lesson to always ask about a minimum amount, so that I do not have to once again do sketchy things like this.
Eric says:
hehe, i'm guessing you aren't going to be returning to that club any time soon...
Posted on: Jun 05, 2006
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Outside the bar.
Outside the bar.
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Shot from the website. http://www…
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