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We had a rough start.  The hostel we had booked in Delhi was supposed to pick us up.  They didn't.  So there we were.. four white girls, stuck in Delhi, in the middle of the night.  Tired and a little bit nervous.  Tons of both taxi drivers and "taxi drivers" tried to get our attention so they could give us a lift to the city center.  After a while, and a lot of discussion we finally came with one of them, who was going to take us to this tour agency.  There Mr. John Travolta himself (at least the indian version of him) was waiting for us.  He helped us out with a 8 day tour all around Rajasthan with our own driver.  This including accommodation, elephant ride, camel safari and all the transport.  Of course he fooled us.  We were too tired and scared to care.  The only thing is that we paid a lot more than you'd normally have to pay for a tour like that.  We didn't knew back then.. we had just arrived, and didn't know anything about how much this and that would cost us in India.  We learned later on that it is dirt cheap.  (If you read Lonely Planet, it says that this is a normal scam in India.. and we kinda knew the whole time.  But in the end we didn't have much choice.. cause you really don't wanna walk the streets in Delhi, in the middle of the night, looking for a place to sleep..)

Before even checking in anywhere in Delhi we were on our way to Agra.  In a small car, with a lot of luggage and an indian who didn't speak that much.  I guess he was just as nervous as us.  We didn't speak much either.  We were too busy thinking if this would turn out well.  After a couple of hours it started getting brighter outside, and oh my god.. have we been driving on these roads in complete dark?  There were children running around, cows, donkeys, camels, bicycles, old people, young people, dogs, other cars.. everything and nothing.. just everywhere.  Nothing like the roads in Norway.  It was the longest 4 hours ever.  We were so tired.. so hungry.. and kept thinking how good it was that our moms and dads didn't know exactly what we were doing.  They would worry sick.

We arrived Agra around 8 am, and started the day with breakfast, before we went to sleep for a couple of hours.. and then we were all ready and set to greet India.

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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic