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In the wintertime, around Christmas 1985 a little girl was born in a small town in the south east part of Norway.  That little girl was me.  This is the place where I'm born and raised, and the place I'll always call home.

Elverum is the home to 18 000 people, and known for the river Glomma (the longest river in Norway) and the forestry museum.  We don't get a lot of tourists.  Usually they just pass by on their way to some place bigger and better.  But if you just take your time and stay for a few days you might like it here.  It's a charming little town.  Two malls, a church, several parks to relax in, places to swim, hiking trails and museums. 

We do have a quite interesting history too.  Did you know that the King of Norway escaped from the nazis by going through Elverum and further on to Sweden?  The germans bombed pretty much the entire place in 1940, but slowly it grew back to the town it once were.

The summers are warm, the fall is colorful, the winter is snowy and sometimes extreamly cold.. and the spring sets everything in bloom.

This is also the place where you can find the funniest kiosk in the country (maybe even the world, hehe).. take a look at the photos.  See the mushroom?  I used to work there during the summers.  Here you can get the best ice cream in Norway, plus moose burgers.  That's right, hamburgers made out of moose!  They're really good too!

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I used to work here through the su…
I used to work here through the s…
Celebrating the national day, 17th…
Celebrating the national day, 17t…
photo by: kalbakk