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My hangover didnt let me have breakfast so I just had an orange juice (I am getting old ☺). Lucas and Juan had a typical Irish breakfast (eggs, sausages, mushrooms…). By the way I highly recommend the hotel we stayed in. Once we finished breakfast we did a quick tour before getting the rental car. We did not have to much time as we were supposed to meet the other travbuddies at 4pm in Durty Nelly’s.

We visited Dublin Castle, Trinity Collage, Temple Bar, we went across River Liffey, etc. Everything we could see in  a couple of hours! ☺ by the way I bought new patches!!!! hahahah

At 12:30pm we took a taxi to pick up our rental car. Shit! We forgot in Ireland you drive on the left and we rented a standard car with gears on the other side! We were lucky Juan was left hended, so for him was easier than for Lucas and I.
By the way, we also rented a GPS to avoid getting lost in the country! Days before our trip I  used Google earth to find out the distance between Dublin and Bunratty. There were only 189kms, so I expected to do this itinerary in an hour approximately. I was so wrong! It took us for ever as there is no real highway and we found lots of traffic. Roads in general are really bad and people drive very slow so it took us around 4 and ½ hours altough it is true we stopped to have something for lunch. We were supposed to meet the other travbuddies around 4pm at Durty Nelly´s but we didn’t make it on time.

We arrived around 5:30pm so everbody had left. Then we went straight to our B&B to leave the luggage.
We were staying at Ashgrove House but when we arrived, Sheila, a very nice lady, told us she could not fit us there and she arranged another place where to stay one block down the road. She told me that were was another group of people staying there. Guess who? Eric was there! What a coincidence.... the funny thing was that Sheila told me that in the morning she talked to Eric and told him that three guys from Spain were coming for a get together from an online community called “Travbuddy”. So Eric told her he was the guy who built the site! Hahaha funny thing! So knowing that we were supposed to meet them at Durty Nelly´s she called up to somebody in the pub to see if they knew where was Eric and all the other travbuddies. No luck they had already left somewhere.

We drove one block down and there was Dolores and Paco (we gave him a new name as his Irish name was difficult to remember).
They were so nice to us! They even arranged a new room with three beds. We took a shower and then we drove to Durty Nelly´s (we were lazy as it was walking distance from where we were).

Next to the pub you have Bunratty´s Castle. Very well preserved I must say. We took some photos and we had our first Guiness of the day! Damn, by now my blood must be almost black! ;) In the pub you had two restaurant so we decided to have dinner in the Loft. There was another restaurant with the name of “Oyster”. We had some typical dishes and we also ordered a bottle of New Zealand red wine.

At 9:30 we went downstairs for the TB party! There they were! It is funny we have been emailing each other for so long and now I could see their faces and talk to them in person. There was Travelman, Matt, Elliot, Ryan, Angela, Eoin, Amanda, Dave and a new memeber from that same night! He was a funny Irish guy! He told us he was moving to Spain in a while and we told him tons of things about it.

We talked to all travbuddies while having some more beers! By the way I have to thank Amanda for bringing me a patch from Santorini! I owe you a big one! I collect patches and while I was in Santorini I forgot to buy one. I am very thankful.

I was very happy as it is the first time I was meeting with people who share my same passion: Travelling! I have many close friends in my town, but none of them have this passion for traveling. It was a remarkable day for me. By the way, check the photos and you will see how much fun we had there! Hopefully next year more people will join us!

I remember we were talking with some travbuddies about the TB map and how your percentatge increases as you visit more countries. Then we started discussing how the system worked.
Some travbuddies were saying that the USA counted as only 1 country, while Lucas was saying every state in the USA was being counted as an individual country. We called Eric and we asked him! The USA is only 1 country! He got the list from wikipedia hahahahha! It was such a fun get-together!

By the way, anybody knows if travelman arrived safe to Dublin? He was driving all the way to Dublin after our party… His travel plans for the next weeks were just astonishing…

Eric, Dave and Ryan were planning to go surfing today! Damn the water must be really cold!  And what happens if he freezes in Ireland? Who is going to maintain the site? And our community? Hahahahh we shouldn´t allow him to do these crazy things!

Lucas, Juan and I offered everyone to organize a TB get together in Spain.
I believe there will be a general get together in the USA next year and some other local get togethers in other  countries. Our plan is to organize it in Toledo. You guys will freak out! Amazing medieval town one hour away from Madrid.

Today I woke up feeling better than Friday morning as we didnt drink as much last night. Juan and Lucas are still in the room packing. We were supposed to stay here one more night but we decided we should move to Dublin today, as tomorrow our flight is at 12 noon and the roads are not too good to drive from Bunratty to Dublin.
tirsomaldonado says:
No idea! anybody knows if travelman is ok?
Posted on: Sep 27, 2007
jenn79 says:
That was a very funny blog - did you find out if travelman is ok?
Posted on: Sep 27, 2007
mfmcp1982 says:
sounds like an amazing time..you were lucky to be there.

Posted on: Sep 24, 2007
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