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Mukilteo Lighthouse
Sadly we said goodbye to the Delta Vancouver Hotel and headed south toward the US border.  Surprisingly, we found our car travelling through fields and fields of blueberries growing in the valley south of Vancouver; if only we could purchase fresh blueberries to take home!  A bad decision added several hours to our trip -- we headed off the interstate to a smaller highway to cross into the US and receive a GST instant rebate.  Canada adds lots of tax to everything; non-residents can apply & receive a rebate of the Goods & Service Tax - on our hotel & souvenir purchases, this tax added up to $89 Canadian.  We thought by travelling to a smaller duty-free station, we could pass quicker through the border; however, road construction at the border added 1+ hours to the ride.
Looking out towards Puget Sound
....we have probably wasted at least 8 hours in traffic standstills over this entire vacation!  Finally back on the road and travelling at USA highway speeds, we were headed for Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle.  Off the highway at Bellingham, we found a quirky little lunch spot near the harbor for some great fish & fries!  What a nice town this was, water and islands to the west, high mountains all around the south and east!  I found a smaller road that travelled closer to the shore and we rode past dairy farms and rice fields -- a check on the GPS showed that we were actually below sea level!  How is that possible?  I thought only New Orleans built anything below the sea!  Back on the interstate, we were stuck in road construction AGAIN.
USS Abraham Lincoln in port at Everett Naval Station
  Our 2 hour drive had turned into a 4 hour endurance test.....finally our hotel was in sight.....let's just say this was not our best choice for hotel and leave it at that.......
On a hotel staff recommendation, we drove to the harbor town of Mukilteo...what a nice surprise!  A pleasant little town with an old lighthouse!  Ferries came and went to the nearby island rapidly at the harbor as we enjoyed dinner at a great local restaurant!  A short drive along the coast brought us to the Everett Naval Station and the USS Abraham Lincoln, a nuclear-power aircraft carrier recently returned home after a long stint at sea.  What a beautiful sight in the harbor!  Everett Naval Station is so clean and modern and almost pretty -- I learned that it is a new base built in the 1990's -- no wonder it it so nice! 
Back to our sub-standard hotel to get some sleep; tomorrow is an all airport and airplane day and back into our own bed in St. Louis.  All-in-all, this has been a fantastic trip; we are so relaxed and refreshed and renewed, Barry and I will remember these beautiful sights and friendly people forever!
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Mukilteo Lighthouse
Mukilteo Lighthouse
Looking out towards Puget Sound
Looking out towards Puget Sound
USS Abraham Lincoln in port at Eve…
USS Abraham Lincoln in port at Ev…
Tyler and Ryan -- this photo is fo…
Tyler and Ryan -- this photo is f…
Our last sunset over the Pacific N…
Our last sunset over the Pacific …
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