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Anarctic Centre, CCH Airport

My final day in NZ! I woke up at 8am. Saw Helen and some roommates fast asleep. Some had gotten up and gone by 7am itself. I quickly got done with breakfast, took a few pictures around the hostel and rushed to Cathedral Square to catch the airport shuttle. Checkin @ the domestic Qantas terminal was a breeze, and I got my boarding passes for all 3 segments of my flight.

I then went to the Antarctic Centre. It was a disappointing experience overall - the stupid cafe people forgot to get me my meal. They refunded it and offered me a free meal, but I said forget it and came to the Centre itself. That was one boring place. I couldn't wait to leave!

So I got back to the airport, wandered around the stores, bought 3 bottles of Manaka honey and had a coffee shop style lunch.

The flight back to AKL was short and peaceful.

My Qantas plane arrives in AKL
It was raining when I landed in AKL. I went to the Intl terminal, got myself a burger at McDs and shopped quite a bit. Bought lots of choc's and souvenirs. Thank God I got a free black bag @ the C'ch airport for my purchases. I used that to stuff all the choc boxes I bought at AKL Airport.

Airport was bustling with activity, 3-4 Air NZ jumbos waiting to depart. And 3 Emirates' flights as well. You'd never think a Dubai based airline would have 3 daily flights out of AKL, wud ya?! Our Qantas plane arrived a bit late, I had expected a slight delay in boarding but NEVER did I think we'd be delayed by over an hour! The plane was PACKED. I sat next to some charming bloke from Auckland who claims he's not in touch with any family member (LOL). Food was good as ever. Pasta and sthg, lots of wine, Qantas rule! Pretty much slept for the rest of the flight. Oh, saw "Dukes of Hazzard", the sound quality was bad.

Arrival into LAX was peaceful, Immi was a bit of a hassle as ever. Connecting flight to Dallas again, peaceful although Dallas was very windy, all the runways bar one were shut down and so our flight was delayed considerably.

Caught a cab to work, picked my car up and drove home.

My word! 2 weeks gone by. It felt like I'd been away forever...or maybe not?! I don't know, but I loved the whole feeling.


NZ has been a destination that I'd wanted to visit from a long time. I just never thought I'd visit it, and even know I can't believe I actually went. It was a lovely experience. I know this sounds cliched but like my UK/Ireland backpacking trip from August, this trip wouldn't have been as good if it weren't for the lovely co-backpackers I met along the way. It's funny, I went to the UK and all I met were Antipodeans. The pole opposite here - tons of Poms in NZ. I learnt so much from them, and had a good time hanging out with them as well.

I don't know if I'll ever visit NZ again in this lifetime. I've got a list of things I'd like to do (try visiting North Island for a start!) , things I'd like to re-do (jetboating) and things I'd like to attempt (bungee and skydiving). God knows, we'll see....

But a very hospitable country, friendly help, luvly chocolates and clean, good weather. I've also brought quite a bit of NZ with me, at least in my dialogues. I'm heard saying "Sweet as" quite often these days! :-)

Cheers all, hope you enjoyed my travelogue!


Ils1976 says:
I must say that I loved it and hopefully can tell you all about it when I visit this country myself! :D
Posted on: Feb 01, 2014
TYoungTX says:
Nice blog, Vikram. Brought back great memories for me and made me want to head back to try a few experiences I missed out on myself! Thanks for sharing.
Posted on: Jun 16, 2008
vances says:

Very much enjoyed your blog...you are quite the adventurer! How did you find all of the activities, like sheep-shearing and swimming with the dolphins? Must have done quite a lot of research.

Also enjoyed the pictures...would love to visit NZ myself some day!

Take Care,
Posted on: Apr 29, 2006
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Anarctic Centre, CCH Airport
Anarctic Centre, CCH Airport
My Qantas plane arrives in AKL
My Qantas plane arrives in AKL
photo by: Fulla