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So I caught my bus from Victoria to Poole and from there I managed, after some waiting time, to get a bus going to Blandford Forum. So I spent the end of the afternoon walking around and discovering a little bit more of that town and making several photos while I was killing time until John would come over to pick me up. Then I would spend a few days in Sturminster.


An old Mile Stone that was marking the mile distance to the biggest city especially interested me and that piece of another epoch was seemingly completely forgotten in the middle of the modern pavement.


At John, I worked a bit on my CV and applied for some planning jobs as well as other ones, now that I would have an address I knew where to look at. For the rest, we mainly spent the long dark evening cooking some vegetarian meals and discussing about various things. On my last day at John, on the 29th I got myself ready and bought a bus ticket online for the 1st of December back to London and then moved to Dave for the night. I arrived late and stopped by to get some food. Dave would be leaving to Reading for his university so I would housesit his house on my own.


I spent some more time chatting over the Internet and tried to watch more of the series Lost as he had them all. But that took ages and still I haven’t seen a lot.

The following morning, a friend of his family was coming to finish the renovation of the bathroom so I was there to open the door and also spent time packing all my stuff. I would now have my back fully packed and a huge cardboard box. And yet it is not everything I owned here. But I will be bringing my duvet and bedding stuff up to London and quickly have a comfortable bed for myself.


On the 1st, I had to leave the house on my own with all that stuff to walk to the bus stop and of course it was a bit stressy and tight on time schedule. But more especially it was killing me with all the weight; I managed somehow and not long after I was at Poole bus Station getting into the National Express bound. I asked the driver if he could drop me at Hammersmith (I wouldn’t how else to deal with all my stuff from Victoria Station!) but they are not suppose to usually.
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photo by: maplefanta