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At Land's End sign post
Amai it will be long keep up to date with that blog ... here we go at least

October 17

In the early morning it was time to do some exercise, I went with Samantha and Julian for a bike ride through the country side reaching the beach at one of the cove in Portreath. The sun was shining much and it was nice to see the difference from the more urbanised Redruth/Camborne valley through the calm forest and out suddenly the beach.

So near another major famous ''End'' landmark, I can't leave Cornwall without making it till this tiny south west End of Great Britain. So I just packed some chocolate bar, and head to the highway which is not too far away and hitch from the on-ramp towards Penzance. It is a nice sunny day anyway. It does not take too long and I get a ride to the junction station to St.
Land's End sign post nothing anymore but the sea (and the Isles of Scilly)
Ives, so if it seems to be failing I saved some expense and can catch the train (or bus) for the remaining of the journey. But it isn't too bad as I get another lift all the way to the entrance of Penzance... though this spot is not an obvious nor a good one.

As there is not really any place for a car to stop, I end up walking along the Penzance by-pass, till the first roundabout, the second roundabout (passing in front of the youth hostel hidden in the forest) and till the last roundabout.
Magically just on the way that lead to Land's End, there is a perfect sideway for a car or a bus to pull aside, so this is the perfect place to hitch, and quite obviously every car passing this way will head to Penzance and well should notice that I am one of those traveller that plan to go there too.
Land's End Sign Post
.. not like a lost cornish boy with bad geographical instinct.
I get picked by an old surfer who is going to the beach to a nearby hamlet and while he drive eating his fish n chip and we talk he simply drive me all the way to the Land's End spot.

So I made it quick actually and there is lots of time left for me to enjoy the view, sun and landscape. Ok, about Land's End, the view on the cliffs is amazing and you can see the Isle of Scilly and the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. The sun shining on the bronze tanned rock gave a nice sight, especially when the shore water was fully turquoise. I loved it.
The Land's End tourist site consists of a bunch of houses, with an hotel... mainly all interpretation centre. The site is free though parking with a car cost one pound I think.
Of course the most famous spot is the Post Landmark, where a photograph wait and where you can have your picture taken for a nominal fee. Well I took my own picture from behind the fence.
As it was late in the season, most thing were closed of course, that includes the 'First and Last English Pub'.

After having hiked along the coast and seen the remaining of a ship wreck, I decided to head back to Penzance before I would get caught by dusk. I also contacted a HC member who lived in that part of the peninsula so that we could meet shortly in Penzance. Though it was hard as there was no mobile signal. Sadly I couldn't go visit any of the other features of that part of Cornwall, such as the Iron Age village or Minnick Theater and the other beaches and Coves along the coast.
First and last Pub by the Ocean at Land's End

So I managed a ride to Penzance quite quick with an old worker from the area, though my phone rang and it was an agency in London asking me question for planning jobs. I couldn't really catch the name and set to try to meet them in person in London, though I missed most of the information. The driver was probably not so happy either as I ended up being on that conversation nearly all of the ride.

Once in Penzance I got in touch with Richard (HC: junajuna) and we met in town going for a milkshake at a local pub. In the middle of the week out of the touristical season by darkfall it is of course not too busy in Penzance. Anyhow we talked for a while and about HC of course as Richard is a pretty new member. Then at a later time it was a bit time that I head back to Camborne, so that it would not be too late, I boaded the train, and we said bye.
How far are places? from Land's End

Though halfway the train broke and it took ages before we got towed to my station, then I needed to walk a few block towards Sandra's place. I made it, though I should have stopped to buy food which I didn't have. So we had a snack and Sandra and me watched 'Amelie' before going to sleep.

October 18

I booked my National Express bus to Plymouth, so I got a funfare but the bus was leaving early in the morning. So Sandra walked me to the bus stop in front of her college (Camborne) and we waited for the bus to arrive.
Then it was our farewell and I entered for a long bus journey to Plymouth, passing through nearly every settlement to pick people. Anyhow, I arrived at Plymouth bus station by midday.

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At Lands End sign post
At Land's End sign post
Lands End sign post nothing anymo…
Land's End sign post nothing anym…
Lands End Sign Post
Land's End Sign Post
First and last Pub by the Ocean at…
First and last Pub by the Ocean a…
How far are places? from Lands End
How far are places? from Land's End
View towards north and Sennen Cove…
View towards north and Sennen Cov…
Lands End landscape
Land's End landscape
Cliffs south of Lands End
Cliffs south of Land's End
Lands End view
Land's End view
Lands End cliffs
Land's End cliffs
Beautiful Coast line
Beautiful Coast line
Coast line south of Lands End
Coast line south of Land's End
Lovely water and coast
Lovely water and coast
Me at the coast in Lands End
Me at the coast in Land's End
Lands End
photo by: Vikram