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Some strange public housing (half closed) in Hackney

November 20

Of course the bus journey was long, and with the delay I arrived later in London.

Reservoir park in Hackney
I got in touch with Aga, who would host me, although it wasn't all well planned.

So anyway I did go there and got the key to her place. She was on her last days as well and will be moving on Saturday.
So now I have to spend time at the cybercafe on gumtree to find a flat for myself!! Which I started already!

November 21


Today was spent again on the Internet and trying to find more Internet place, I called some place and especially simply took note on paper of all the potential places. Yeah I know that I am dumb enough and shy enough to not dare calling so it takes me a longer time before going forward with this.

November 22

So today I went on and made most of the calls, I had an appointment which I was looking forward to but it finally got cancelled so then that means back to the Internet. I visited another one that was not too far away but I didn’t like the place, the man was a typical old grudge English dude.

Burned car parked in Hackney


Gumtree is still a great website to look for jobs and accommodation in London but it is still a pain on the ass to look over and over again. And sometimes the people can be really crap at putting the right information, returning your call and so on. I made my first daring on dropping my cv at a local pub and filled up the employment paper but I don’t know if I will ever hear from them. I have a bit to play my ‘bar’ experiences (none) into what I did with catering and drink servicing.


They ask and require so much for bars here, of course they have so many people requesting, especially all the Australians.

November 23

So my flat search continued and today I was going to visit one by the morning, I took the bus from Aga (Shepherd Bush) towards Willesden Junction. It seemed they had had a rough night as the guy that was making me visiting was just waking up.

House boat
The flat in itself was pretty nice and I had the impression the life could be great despite that I didn’t see the flatmates. It was slightly expensive though and there was a contract hassle system which the landlord wanted my work references. I was here to look for work, couldn’t get it without a flat eh!


So they still took my name as I was seemingly the most proficient candidate for the flat life but I was off and trying to go visit some more and on the Internet for some more search. I got a second appointment to visit one in Putney, which revealed a bit rougher to find but I did so.

So I visited it and it was pretty fine for me, a bit tinier but I had been living in tiny scale room before. It turned out I could have it and I simply had to leave my name and pay the deposit. It was not available before next month but they allowed me to be able to leave my stuff in the flat in the meantime so that I would not have to carry them (and could carry more from Dorset).

House Boat in Hackney
So I ended up going to bank to get some money, which luckily was available, brought some of my stuff back before heading back to Aga with whom we had dinner with her friends. She was moving out of her flat the following morning so that was a pretty good timing!


So I have my place in London now!!!!

November 24 - 25

I packed my things from Aga's place and left as they were leaving as well, bringing their stuff to a friend and eventually moving to another part of town later (this week?). I was to go to visit and stay at Ela's place in North-East London (Hackney) in the meantime. I took the tube (not yet fully knowing about all the transport system in the city) and crossed the whole city to go to Hackney and met with Ela in late afternoon. We simply spend the evening having dinner at her place and enjoying some movies. It was relaxing and nice to do so as it was getting pretty chill outside.

I spent the Sunday walking around Clapton where Ela lives; there are mega reservoirs in that area and they are surrounded by big parks and swampy land. Also one tiny tributary of river Thames crosses that part of the city and many long boats are stationed there. It was a cold sunny autumn day. Of course I woke up late but had most of the afternoon to enjoy it. It is also the settling of the Jewish community in London. I had a good day and finally went back to Ela’s place by the evening; we talked some more before we ended up getting some sleep. Tomorrow morning I will head to Victoria Bus Station and use my funfare ticket down to Poole and go spend my remaining days at John’s place in Sturminster-Newton and finally get some of the stuff I left at Dave’s place to bring them to my own apartment (especially all my beddings and other stuff).

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Some strange public housing (half …
Some strange public housing (half…
Reservoir park in Hackney
Reservoir park in Hackney
Burned car parked in Hackney
Burned car parked in Hackney
House boat
House boat
House Boat in Hackney
House Boat in Hackney
photo by: ulysses