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October 26

Hitching all the way from the Tunnel to Belgium!!
So I made my way to Antwerp, once on the way I called Kristina in Brussels and she manage to get in touch that Frank could host me for the night. I took the train from Antwerp to Brussels North and waited for Frank who was coming down to the train station to pick another guest as well, being picked is a rarity. She was late as there seemed to be problem with her train from the Netherlands, so in the meantime we went for a snack and a walk in Schaarbeek, but the lovely red light streets.
So we killed time as such until she arrived which was way past 11pm so I was getting tired and hungry, I also went to buy food because I had not eaten for a long time and I know Frank never have any snack I can borrow in emergency cases.

We had a quick chat on the way to Grimbergen and in Grimbergen itself before we all went to sleep.

October 27

Today it as Frank B'day party at the monk, so we basically organised the whole thing, prepared the room and went for a short meal at the frietkot near Bourse. Where I met Laura who was there with a friend and coming to the party. For the rest, well the party went on later that night and I talked to most people I already knew but I didn't drink or such.

Late that night I drove back with Frank and stayed at his place again that same night.
October 28

I woke up early at Frank's place and took the bus back to Brussels to go to Ingrid's place, which was early of course especially after the previous night. So I would be staying at Ingrid for a few nights more. We mainly took it as a calm day, cooked and watched a movie later that night before getting to sleep.

It was actually quite a cold day so it was not bad to be inside for the day especially since I felt tired with exhaustion and slightly sick.
October 29

I slept longer todayat Ingrid and cleaned my bag, it was a rainy belgian day so not so interesting to venture outside without purposes. Therefore no need to hang outside.

By nightfall, which now starts to fall quite early since the changing of hours, I walked out in town to meet with Ingrid and had a pizza before moving to the cinema in the centre. It was movie night with the hc-cs people in Brussels and every monday they go watch a movie altogether before heading to the Monk.

So today we watched 'the Invasion' a remakes of an old 60s movie. It was quite nice, although the microphone appeared twice on the screen, which was quite silly. Especially since I noticed it so blatantly. After this, we went to the Monk and walked back to Schaarbeek around midnight.
October 30

A paper work day and evening at Mathilde, I met her canadian boyfriend as they cooked us some mexican food. It was nice and calm.

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photo by: Vlindeke