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October 21

That was quite simple, Dave was hosting my belongings in Wimborne and it is nearer to Poole so I hitched down from Sturminster to Wimborne during the day to stay overnight at Dave's place and get a grip on some of the things I needed, It was also giving me the chance to leave later on to London and also call before hand to set an appointment with the recruitment agency in hope it would lead me to some work in my profession.

Hitching was simple and quite fine, the weather was crap but I got picked and the road heading to Wimborne is so lovely, with a series of trees planted in row along its path for several km and it also passes near a big manor although it is a bit hidden in the forest. I went to buy some food to eat at Dave and also as I got left in the city, had a look at its famous sight, the Wimborne Minster Cathedral.

Also, while on the way I met a old canadian couple from Ontario which I passed across on the sidewalk and they saw my flag on my backpack, they were also just visiting family in the area. Once at Dave, we talked for a while and then I immediately did a clean up on my things and computer - photos and surfed the net before starting to watch his movies and especially the whole series of Lost. I cook some rice meal and later on Dave was leaving to Reading for university so I was going to housesit.

It was relaxed and I really enjoyed it, as I had some food and his house it really cosy. I made myself comfortable and watched movies till really late finally. Then went to sleep upstairs.

October 22

I did wake up early, the weather wasn't so nice but I did manage to do what I had to and called to the agency to talk with them and set an appointment for Wednesday. Although it took me most of the day to do that. Then I paid the cleaner and the person who was coming for the garden as Dave left a note and also went to get some more food in the meantime as there was someone in the house whom could let me back in. Then I set again in a cosy feeling in the house, booked my bus ticket for the next day in Poole and talked to Aga about when I would meet them.

Finally I indeed had to stay one night longer at Dave's place, but I hope it was fine. I cleaned a bit and arranged my things and paperwork before sleeping.

October 23

Everything was ready, I had a nice meal and picked my bag by the morning to go down to Poole to catch the National Express bus to London, the journey was alright and I felt asleep in the bus and then arrived in London and took the bus to Sheperd's Bush to meet with Aga and we had dinner at her place and talked all evening with Gorska, her sister and her other guest.

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