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Nadine in Cologne
October 31

Happy Birthday to me, well I told myself eventhough nobody around me knew it nor was there anything planned. I am accustomed to that of being simply in transit somewhere or doing a big nothing on my birthday. It has been the situation for many years now.

So today the weather wasn't too great, anyhow I decided to rush to Cologne as there was an Halloween party at Nadine's flat. I wasn't particularly invited... but well I decided to go as there wouldn't be anything on in Brussels either. I might end up freezing and starving all night in Cologne instead, adventure then.

I finally took the train, my go-pass to the border and bought an horribly expensive german ticket to Cologne, to end up not being checked at all. Then I followed the direction to Nadine's place. After having enjoyed another view of the Cathedral.

I arrived really early in Cologne, so I was the first one and the only person I knew was Nadine. So it was going to be odd. Hopefully, Frank did come over for a short moment in the evening, but for the rest  I just drank walking around the people and sometimes talking to some people who would wonder why I was there especially as I wasn't german at the first place.

I was thinking of then leaving and crashing at the train station for my way back. But I finally slept on the couch. I didn't really spoke to Nadine so that wasn't really a lovely time but it was fine. Some people were disguised as well, anyway, it will have been fun in general. It just also made me think of how old I am getting with finally a less bright future every year since I left Belgium.
November 1

This year I didn't receive a phone call saying Happy Birthday, instead I received a email card simply saying 'Happy Birthday' from Gil. Obviously deeply for the pure form of politeness and recognition but no real feeling. Last year she had hurt me by calling me in the middle of the night to wish me greetings while I was 'trying' to have fun and forget all about these moment with Dylan in Leuven. This year, especially after never having been able to reach for just a discussion, not any answer to my emails, just a tame card.

Eh well, anyway! My life sucks.
I packed my things and left Cologne with one person that was still there and needed to drive south, so he could leave me on the way to Belgium so I could hitch to the border. I said my farewell to Nadine, whom it would have felt awkward if I would have stayed in the building any longer anyway with a mixt feeling of politeness to not say that you should leave and a mixture of short talk.

So I got a ride to the way towards Aachen, it wasn't good at all. I ended up walking to reach the nearest RastHof which was suppose to be nearby but that took me times and it was a pain to reach but I did it. Once there then I had to search for cars to take me, as it was November first a bank Holiday in Europe which is for the celebration of the death, it is pretty much respected by the people. So there wasn't many cars on the road and many were entire family altogether.

I approached a belgian car, which revealed to be a rented car by an israelian who needed to bring it back to Brussels Airport. He agreed to take me and then I could help him with the way. That was good and my first talk and ride with an Israelian, I must say that at first I would have thought he would never want to give me a ride.

With not so much traffic the ride went fine and we arrived way after dark at the airport, Farewell greetings and thanks and I head to find a transport to go downtown, I finally took a train and arrived late at Ingrid.
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Nadine in Cologne
Nadine in Cologne
photo by: lauro