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November 1

The hitching went finally well, despite the hard time to leave the spot I was outside Cologne. I had to walk some km randomly as I knew there was a Gas Station along the highway, so that was a bit of a trek through the woods and such but I made it. On November 1st it was also a holiday for Belgians especially and there wasn’t that many cars on the road or they were quite packed. After some time (and being annoyed that dusk was arriving) I went to ask a Belgian car, it turned out to be a tourist (from Israel) that was bringing the car back to Brussels Airport and accepted to take me over so I could as well help him with the way.


That was cool and about 2h later I was in Brussels and managed to catch a bus into Brussels and made my way at Ingrid’s place… finally a bit late.

November 2

Today was a calm day for most but we were bringing all the tam tam from Ingrid’s to Aagje’s place for a special tam tam night and gathering. I cooked some food (couscous) in the afternoon and later we all went there joined by other CS members in this tiny Schaarbeek flat off Josaphat Park. It was a nice evening with lots of noise and lovely food too.


The evening went on a bit late and Ingrid and I, got a ride with Gregoire back.

November 3

I spent the day shopping on Rue Neuve shopping for clothes, a thing I had hardly done in the last year, so I bought a new pair of corduroy and shirts. It was nice; of course the weather was a bit rainy so I stayed inside the malls and shops longer before making it to Ingrid at dusk and have some fries. Then we both left to Botannique for a meeting in which we were the first arrived and waited having some beers. Finally quite a crowd arrived, mainly all people living in the surrounding of Schaarbeek.

I got to talk with some more CS local members whom I got in nice contact.

November 4

With the previous night and the actual weather, it was not much of a great day so I started trying to work on my paper, job application, CV and all other things I would need for either Belgium or England. Of course it was not an efficient day so nothing is ready. That is a bit annoying so I had no idea on what to do.

Ingrid also had a rough night and has the mood that goes with it, I know that in such situation the fact that I am in the house does not help so I make myself little and try not to disturb.

November 5

I went for a drink at the monk with the CS group again, as they were coming from the cinema. It was nice and I got to talk to some more people, Achim came over too and we talked long as it had been a bit of a long time we hadn’t see each other.

November 6

Today I moved to stay at Achim's place, I made some grocery for the house and for myself and in the evening there was another CS party near Place Ste Antoine, which I managed to go on my own by foot, it wasn’t that far. There was again plenty of people but not that many that I knew so it was more or less interesting for me. The evening went on and I walked back enjoying the cold wet evening to go to sleep.

November 7

A fully shower rain and stormy thunder day. So I did not move out of the house at all, not that I really had anywhere to go and that it would have been worth so.

November 8

Another dead day for me, I tried to work on my job application especially at the EU and other agencies but nope too slow and nothing valuable came off then.

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photo by: Vlindeke