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Sunset over Parkstone station
After 9-10 months living in Dorset, I will be leaving the area. Sadly, I have been lazy and didn't really moved around (I'm greedy like hell and lazy as well...) so I will have to use a few days to rush into visiting the magnificient countryside.

Those months have been though more into working and saving money, so even if I can say that I know Bournemouth and Poole, I would look back at my time here thinking I could have done much more during my rarely days off. Ahhh well!

Now the question will be, where will I be going next? What will I be doing, whom will I meet again, Whom will I meet new? And will I spent my winter on the road or will I finally work somewhere else? It's all yet to be decide and yet to come.

My time in Poole and the UK in general has had its high and low.  Of course as every new places I get to live, I have quite a long adaptation period where I especially get to accept 'the new odds' by criticising it (which tend to bother the native... and I always end up anyway adopting some parts of those ways of living and taking it with me).

The fact that I didn't know what to do with my life has of course affected my general living motivation a lot with the result that I had no objectives or things to look forward, so I got soft, lazy and depressed at some point. Naturally, the thought toward my ex did still affect me even if that story ended 2 years ago already and quite drastically crushed all my will and hope to work any other relationship whatsoever... I do not have the feeling or the belief for it. Eventhough, I sometimes think I would give all my time spent on the road to be living in an eternal 2002.

My job did bring me some confidence though, raised my motivation that I am able to accomplish something abroad (as well as raising my finance), even if sometimes I am feeling that I am a not so good seaman (I still can't get myself into seeing the bright side of life when it comes to myself and my personnal choices). I had the chance to enjoy the comfort of my home for a couple of months and got stress when this was arriving at its end. Now I have a job opportunity pointing in the horizon in the Netherlands, that really made me confident again as it is a project I can look at even if it might not become reality... I also set my mind into looking more seriously to start something in my profession and got to accept the reality that I will never manage to set a life in Europe (paperwork and jobwise) and that I should start considering that time will come to return home.

Travelwise, there is still loads of Europe to see and that is without considering the parts I want to return to. My way of travelling will stay the same, low-cost, hitching, hospitality exchange network and as intensive as possible (which means that I travel intensively into regions instead of extensively in different countries).

I will also consider going beyond the european borders!

Here I stand at another crossroad, making a directionnal choice... or turning around if its a roundabout until it propulse me into some more life experience; until the next crossroad!

October 1 & October 2

Lazy, calm and lone at home. I started to pack my bag in matter to quit my flat by the end of the week. Sadly I don't know how to pack it and its been bugging me a bit, I don't have any boxes...
One funny news is that I applied for Town Planning job through the internet and through an agency, and they called me back on Monday while I was just waking up. I was totally surprised by that. It would be great if it leads somewhere. I will wish so but not put all my hope in it.

Tomorrow the third, I start what we can say is my new journey. I head to Jersey and will stay overnight. So the adventure starts!
sarahelaine says:
You know, you'd be amazed how many of my friends have similar feelings about Bournemouth? I think there must be something about rainy beaches that has that effect on people. Best of luck with the new adventures.
Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
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Sunset over Parkstone station
Sunset over Parkstone station
photo by: vixen2306