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My wet clothes left to dry in a clandestine place at the station.

Oh, Fu*$#%! 

This phrase left my mouth only nanoseconds after sitting in a deep puddle of liquid laying in ambush on the seat in the waiting room of the train terminal, in Venice.  Someone had spilled some liquid ,or otherwise defiled the plastic bowl shaped seat that I decided to sit in.  It's a good thing I had my suitcase with several changes of clothing in it.  Now, where to change?  I found a semi deserted end of the track and swallowed my pride and stripped out of my pants and changed.


What was this liquid anyway.  I smelled it.  It may have been pee.

This journey wasn't starting out on the right foot.


I left Philly Monday night, and the flight was uneventful.

At the Venice train Station. A Coctail with your Big Mac?
  I think I may have even slept for 4 or 5 hours on and off.  I arrived at the airport, took the shuttle to the train station, just as it had recommended on the Internet, and confirmed what I had already known; I wold have to wait almost 4 hours for a train to Villach. 

I thought I would sit in the waiting room and compose this diatribe when “chair of liquid” made its presence known.


All better now.  I'm in a nice 2nd class compartment on the train, sharing it with a Persian family who asked me if I spoke German. “Nine.....English”   “Where from?” the father asked.  “The United States” I replied 


“Yes.  Are you German?” I asked.

“No.  From Iran.” (a pause)  “Sorry” he added.

“Me too.”  I said. 

One thing we had in common these days.  Europeans don't think too highly of either of either of our leaders. 


I have a couple of hours until the train arrives in Villach, so I think I'll take a nap, and resume the next installment later.

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My wet clothes left to dry in a cl…
My wet clothes left to dry in a c…
At the Venice train Station.  A Co…
At the Venice train Station. A C…
photo by: asturjimmy