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Leaving Postojna. The train station

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As I said, the train ride to Maribor was great. Very relaxing, although I was a bit tired from my sleep deprivation the night before. The colors on the leaves in the mountains were very nice.

I arrived in Maribor and phoned my couch surfing hosts from my cell phone. “we'll be right over” said Bojan. (I'm still not sure how it's pronounced.) What color is your car?” I asked. “I'm on foot, we live only two-hundred meters! He replied.

A few minutes later a young couple in their early twenties walked up to greet me.

I'm not really that bored. I just forgot to smile
Bojan and Blanka lived in a tiny studio apartment right down the street from the train station. I forgot to take photos. The main room had a double bed on one wall, a twin bed on the other. A small wardrobe, a bathroom that was about 4' X 5” with a corner shower. The kitchen was like a little galley kitchen on a boat, but did the trick, and there was a nice little terrace balcony off of it. I thought it was so nice they would offer me a bed there, when they barely had space for themselves.

Blanka, had organized a walking tour for us, so after they let me use their computer to check my e-mail (I couldn't get my laptop to connect to the server) we went on a walking tour all over Maribor. It is Slovenia's second largest city. Like all of the Slovenian cities I've seen, it was very tidy and clean. We saw churches and universities, government palaces and statues. Maribor straddles a huge river, which eventually runs into the Danube.

Blanka, Bojan, Me.... and the monument they call "Kojak" in the background
It's close to the borders of Austria and Hungary.

After our walk, we stopped at a restaurant and had dinner. They had the goulash, but I ordered from an

English menu and got something that said “Stuffed chicken breast with side of cooked pumpkin.” When it arrived it was a grilled butterflied-fillet chicken breast with a piece of grilled ham sitting on top, and surrounded with breaded, deep fried zucchini slices. It was all very tasty, but I think something got lost in the translation.

Back at the flat, we put a movie in the DVD player. I watched from the twin bed and they from the double. By the time the movie was over, we were all ready to sleep, and Blanka had already fallen asleep.

I heard her alarm go off around 6:AM, but then I didn't know anything until 7:45 when I heard Bojan in the shower.

closer on the monument. Can you see the faces?
After him, I took my shower, then he fixed us a coffee and some bread for breakfast. Bojan is in the last year of college, so he just has some exams sometimes, but doesn't really have classes, but since he is a student, he can come and go freely at his job as an electronic technician at a firm that is developing a system to pay your bills with your cell phone, instead of a credit card. They are installing this system at gas stations, restaurants and other retail locations, as well as developing it to pay bills like the utility bill. They are also developing this technology for the international market, and I forget which countries they have their product in.

Blanka is a guidance counselor at a high school in a village 35 Km away, and has to commute everyday.

So, as I compose this I am on a train headed for Slovakia. I have just crossed the border into Austria, and will have to change trains in Vienna, then cross the border again, to arrive in Bratislava, the Capital.

Auf wetiersein friends.


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Leaving Postojna.  The train stati…
Leaving Postojna. The train stat…
Im not really that bored.  I just…
I'm not really that bored. I jus…
Blanka, Bojan, Me.... and the monu…
Blanka, Bojan, Me.... and the mon…
closer on the monument.  Can you s…
closer on the monument. Can you …
Closer on the faces
Closer on the faces
Happy young couple.
Happy young couple.
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This is the oldest grape vine in …
Maribor at sunset from the bridge.
Maribor at sunset from the bridge.
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A boy riding a wooden bike.
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Bojan from his art deco building …
photo by: irmayu