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Welcome Skotty!

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Welcome to Postjna Skotty!” There was Senad, holding a sign, like a limo driver in the movies. I could hardly believe what I was seeing as I stepped off of the but that had just pulled into the quiet little town. Earlier I sent a text message to Sinad that I would be arriving on the bus from Koper at 1:45, but who could have predicted that I would have my own welcoming committee complete with videographer. Senad's friend Sergio was behind the camera taking home movies of the momentous event! (I have to make mention of the CORRECT pronunciation; Pose-TOY-na)

Senad, Sergio and I had a beverage at the bus bar.

The Caves (photo stolen from the internet)
I had sparkling water, Sergio had beer and Senad had Coffee. He said he was still waking up.

After that, we put my things in Senad's Renault, and rushed off to see the world famous caves. Senad didn't take the tour, as he used to work there, and had seen them “a thousand times before” so I went on the tour by myself. I wish I could describe how freaking big this cave system was. First of all, an electric train took us 4 km into the cave. We went whizzing by in the freezing cold drippy damp cave at amazing speed. I swear, if I had been only inches taller, I would have had my cranium scraped off as we blazed under sawn-off stelagtite formatins, that had been hewn to make way for the train system. Seriously, Senad told me people are routinely injured on this limb ripper.

After the train stopped deep inside the mountain, everyone headed to their appropriate sign.

The electric cave train
English, German, Italian, Slovene. About 50 elderly Germans cued up at the German sign. Our group at the English sign had only 6 or 7 people, while another group of 6 or 7 French speakers wandered around aimlessly. Sorry Frenchy. No tour for you!

They got put into the English group, and our well qualified guide would conduct his schpeal in English first, then in French. It always amazes me how all many languages you have to speak over here if you want to get along. Especially if you are in the hospitality business.

I emerged from the cave tour and Senad was waiting for me. He spent the hour and a half catching up with former co-workers and friends. I have no doubt he had many, as he is a very friendly and outgoing guy.

Next, on to the castle build into the mouth of yet another cave in the hillside, a few miles from the first cave.

The Castle, built into the mouth of the cave
Senad and I were the only visitors, but it was getting close to the end of the day. Next, Senad had me jump the fence and take a trail, closed off to the public, that led to the lookout on top of the cliff, above the castle. It was a really cool view, or as Senad would spell it Kul vu!

Now, off to the petrol station, where we put in 10 Euros, or $14. It bought about 2 gallonsof gas, and I'm sure we burned that up.

He took me to a run down and out of business ski hill that reminded me of Parley's Summit, ( Gargoza, as it was called when I was a kid.) A quick hike through the woods, where I was reminded there are still bears, and bear attacks still happen here every year..

Finally we went back to town for some food.

Senad at the back of the castle, an entrance to the caves.
We had typical Bosnian food, or so I'm told. It was like a huge hamburger bun, and on it were some grilled little link sausages. Actually, they were a mixture of pork and beef, then rolled into little turd shapes, grilled and then put on the bun. The funny thing was, you couldn't pick up the bun and eat it like a hamburger, as the sausages would all just fall out. There was nothing holding them together.

Here's where the night starts to get interesting. It was already about nine o'clock, and for those of you that know me (and that's everyone, why else would I send this to you) I start winding down, and want to go to bed about this time.

But, when in Rome.......

Senad got a call on his cell phone.

The Party boys of Postojna
“The guys are here and we don't have any beer. Come over and bring some with you.”

We arrived at what looked kind of like a dormitory building. Later I was told the bottom floor was offices, and there were student dorms on the 2 or 3 floors above. We went in to the friends place, and it was just a small room, maybe 14' X 14'. There were 4 or 5 guys already in this smoky little room, with a desk and wardrobe along one wall, and two twin beds, and a small sofa for furniture. No bathroom. No sink. I took a seat on one of the beds.

The guys, all in their mid twenties, were busy rolling up cigarettes with tobacco and another green substance. One guy I was chatting with was kind of hyper, but very interesting. He seemed very informed, and wanted to know my opinion on a variety of things.

The Methadone guy
Many of them were aspiring amature film makers with Senad, and wanted to know about my business. I offered to go to the car and get my laptop to show them some pictures that I had taken on various film sets.

Oh yes” said the sweaty nervous interesting guy. “You shouldn't leave your computer in the car anyway. It could get stolen. I know, because I'm a junkie. Right now I'm in a methadone treatment plan, but before, I would steal stuff from cars to support my habit.” Imagine all of this with a thick Slovenian accent, which to me sounds a lot like a typical Russian accent in the movies.

We stayed at the party pad until after 11:00. “Let's go to a bar to get one drink!!” Someone said. Okay. We all piled in two cars and went to a local club.

This guy's name is "Fly"
It was absolutely dead, and we were the only ones there. I bought a round of beers. Guys kept disappearing and then reappearing. I didn't know what was going on. After awhile, it was time to to. The guys were going off somewhere else, but Senad asked if I was tired and wanted to go home. Yes I was, and yes I did.

We got to his apartment. Actually I think it was his mother's apartment. She was still up and watching TV in here room so Senad knocked and introduced me. His mother Ana, seemed very nice, but it was a bit awkward saying hello at almost 1:AM, and she was in her bed.

A bit later, Senad's phone rang. A short conversation ensued, and Senad said “Do you mind if some friends come over?” Shit, it was 1:AM.

Another friend came over with a girl.

Senad's Couch.
We sat around the kitchen table and had some schnapps, then the guys said, “Shall we watch a movie?” Okay. We chose a movie and put it it. In Senad's room, he had a big corner couch that took up almost all of two walls. One part pulled out into a sofa bed. The three friends were on this, and I took the other part of the sofa.

Somewhere, halfway through the movie, I fell asleep. Sometime later, the guy friend left, and finally, about 4:30AM the other friend left. The only time I ever stay up this late is if we are shooting nights, and it ain't easy for me.

The next morning I woke up about 8:30. I cold hear Ana rattling around in the kitchen. I got up and said Good morning to her. I'm sure she said good morning back, but it was in Slovene, so I really can't be sure.

Senad at 9:30.
Actually, she was very nice. I asked her if I could use the shower, and she got it ready for me and got me a towel. After the shower, she made me a coffee and milk and had a plate of homemade apple pastries for breakfast. As I was pouring the milk in my coffee, I knocked over the cup, and it spilled all over the lace tablecloth! God, I was sooo embarrassed! She was so nice, indicating “no problem, no problem!” She cleaned up the mess, put the lace in a plastic tub to soak, and fixed me another cup of coffee. Later, we got out my laptop and we looked at some photos; family photos, photos of my house, and photos of my trip so far.

Senad mentioned to me that he was not a morning person. True. He slept until 10:30 He has a job as a waiter, so usually works late, and had to go in to work this day at 11:00. I had a train at 11:30, so it worked out well. We finally left a few minutes before 11:00, and he dropped me at the train station and helped me buy a ticket to Maribor, in the Eastern part of Slovenia.

Senad's Room and Couch
I'm glad he did. I wouldn't have even guessed where the entrance door to the train station was.

The train ride to Maribor was spectacular, but this will have to be part of the next blog, and I have to go now and catch another train now.


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Welcome Skotty!
Welcome Skotty!
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The Party boys of Postojna
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