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The empty train as I boarded in Erfurt.

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Munich. Oktoberfest. Fun times. Well, maybe.

Unbeknownst to me, the train was delayed into Munich. I checked my watch and figured we would be pulling into the station soon. Weird, it looked to me like the middle of a cow pasture, not the sprawling metropolis of Munich Germany.

A lady conductor came round. She asked for my ticket then gave me a form to fill out. Luckily it had some English on it. “Compensation claim for delayed journey.”

Are we late” I asked.

Nice trains, very modern and sleek. I still don't know why it was late.

Sixty minutes” she answered.

I thought to myself. Good thing I allowed myself two hours to check in. Looks like it would be cut down to 1 hour.


When the train finally pulled into the Munich station, I looked at the time. An hour and a half late. I still had to take a 40 minute subway ride to the airport. This would land me there at 11:40, and the international flight was leaving at 12:30.

I was still optimistic. I could do this. WRONG! FOOL!

Once I finally found the US Air counter, there was only one agent.

Blondie and I at the Airport.
She was talking to a chubby girl. Only one other person in line, a pretty young blond gal, with a nose piercing and a backpack, who looked like she was on the verge of tears.

I asked her if she was trying to get on the flight. We talked about our situations. I foolishly thought I still had a chance of making it, if I could just go ahead of Blondie, and if the chubby girl would finish up, and I could get to the agent.

She's been here like 40 minutes” says Blondie. I asked Blondie if I could butt in front of her if it seemed she couldn't get on the flight right away, and her problem was going to take a while.

Sure” she said

To make a long story-blog short, Neither of us would get on the flight.

Our private conference-turned-dorm room
The agent, not terribly helpful for either of us.

Blondie's real name was Annie. She's from Portland. She's been traveling around Europe for two months after dropping out of her Spanish immersion language program in Seville. She had to get to Barcelona by Thursday to get her original US Air flight back to the states and wondered if she could just fly from Munich. No dice, Blondie...er Annie.

Annie and I commiserated and made new plans. She would fly to Barcelona the next day, wait around the Barcelona airport for 24 hours then go home on her original ticket.

I would try to stand by the next day as well, although it looked hopeless, and if I didn't get out, spend ANOTHER night in Munich, then leave on Thursday.

At least we could hang out together in Munich together today and tonight.

Another angle of the conference room.
She was happy about that, and so was I. We found a hotel room from the information desk at the airport. It was the cheapest we could find. Oktoberfest had just ended, and this hotel in a suburb of Munich, was offering their conference room, with roll away cots, a bathroom down the hall, and the shower up two fights of stairs, for $150. We took it.

Annie contributed what she could, which wasn't much as she was just about broke, but we had a good time. We bought some beers at the beer store. Had a Donner Kibob from the Kibob stand. We explored the neighborhood on foot, and at 9:PM, went to the pub across the street and had yet another beer.

I slept good on a mattress on the floor, while Annie chose one of the chaise lounge type roll-away cots.

I was able to get internet there, so she was able to use it to call here folks, and use Skype to talk to her uncle. In the morning, we had the hotel breakfast which was included in the price.

22 year-old Annie and I making the most of being stuck in Munich
Actually, it was the best breakfast I think I had on this whole trip!

We took the subway together, back to the airport where she got on here $79 flight to Barcelona, and I proceeded to the US Airways counter. It was EXTREMELY unlikely that I would get on this overbooked flight, but what the heck. I didn't have anything else to do.

Munich Airport was fogged in. At 2 hours and 15 minutes before departure, there was a line that stretched for miles at the check in counter. I waited. And waited. And waited. It took an hour and a fifty minutes of waiting in that line before I got to the agent. No matter. The flight was delayed at least two hours anyway.

This delay, may have been what lead to me getting on the flight. I know they re-routed two people on Lufthansa to Miami. For whatever reason, after waiting in the end of the line again, and the agent telling me to go ahead and check my bag, after waiting at the gate until everyone else had boarded, I asked if any stand-bys were going to make it, The agent gave me a seat! HOO-RAY! I DIDN'T HAVE TO SPEND ANOTHER NIGHT IN MUNICH!!

And so I sit on the airplane. On the 8 hour flight back to Philly, composing this Euroblog for the last time.....this year. I'll post it when we land, or sometime thereafter.

Ciao Amigos. See you in Mexico!

Kramerdude says:
Great blog. You should have some "move up"/"move down" links in your table of contents below the map to flip the two entries that are out of order.
Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
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Blondie and I at the Airport.
Blondie and I at the Airport.
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