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I love the view from our bedroom window. It's a mystical sight...

I love watching the fog roll over the Golden Gate Bridge from my bedroom window. It's a mystical sight.. especially when it rests on the water and moves across the horizon. It almost appears unreal. I can't get enough of the sight.

The view keeps shifting and changing on an hourly basis. Sometimes I'll rest my elbows on the window sill with my head in my hands..and just absorb it. I'll feel so at peace..

I know other people have this view and they probably start taking it for granted. They stroll by their window without a second glance. I don't think I'll ever reach that point.

Every morning I wake up feeling happy. I wipe the moisture from the window and just stare at San Francisco below me like I'm seeing it again for the very first time.

Ever since I first saw the Alfred Hitchcock film, Vertigo.. I've wanted to visit the spot where the actress jumps into the water, beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. It was exciting to walk towards this famous location for the very first time


It's been a while since I've updated here in my travel diary. Days slip by so quickly, it's hard to find the time to record all the events that occur.

When I last left off here, I was flying back to N.Y. to see my family.

My visit home to New York went by way too fast.

Before I knew it, I was on the plane back to California with my two cats in pet cargo. They didn't like the flight. Traveling with your pets is a nightmare... I don't even want to start writing about that gruesome experience

But the important thing is that they're here now with me in San Francisco. They made it across the country in one piece and now they're adjusting to their new life.

Those are my two happy kitties. Fiona is the black cat gazing off into the distance. Michael is the grey cat that is smiling into the camera.
Sorry it's a bit blurry... but This is a very rare capture. Our two cats, Fiona and Michael together in one picture! It's nearly impossible to get Fiona on film. (Black cat). Whenever she sees my camera, she darts away quickly.

They spend most of their time now lounging on the windowsill and lazily gazing at the view. Our bedroom has windows on all sides. They are in heaven.


Last weekend was Fleet week in San Francisco. We all went up to the roof of our apartment to watch the Blue Angels Jets perform an airshow. All the tenants in our building also came up to the roof.

It seemed like everyone in San Francisco was on their rooftops. You could see people everywhere! Cheering, drinking and pointing up at the sky

The bay was filled with sailboats, people were also crowded along the shores and in all the parks

The experience was exciting. I've never seen a flight show before. The blue angels flew right over our building at one point.
Our two roommates (We've all been friends since college) on the rooftop taking in the view of San francisco
The sound was so loud, we all covered our ears and looked up in surprise. It gave me a big rush and a slight tinge of fear as it zoomed over head.

This is a picture of my roommate and his wife on the roof at sunset gazing at the view... I've been friends with both of them since college. We shared a dorm. It's great to be all living together again.

Today we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was late afternoon when we started. The walk both ways is about 3 miles in distance. It was windy and a fog was rolling over the top of the bridge.

When you hold the railing, you can feel it tremble beneath your hand. The wind whipped through my hair and I peered down at the water swirling below.

The vibration underneath my feet made me think of an impending earthquake

..and of course I thought of how the 1989 earthquake made a part of the Bay Bridge collapse...

There was a teenage girl in the middle of the bridge curled up in a ball on the ground with her face buried against the railing. Her mother was trying to calm her down. Her mother explained to me that she was afraid of heights.

I really felt for her.. and I wondered why on earth her mother took her up to the Golden Gate bridge in the first place

But the walk was exciting and invigorating.... the fresh air, the beautiful view of the bay area, hearing the fog horns from the ships below... I recommend it to anyone living in the San Francisco area or coming to visit. It's just something you have to experience once.

Be sure to bring a jacket though. It can get so cold when the fog moves in and it will come over you so suddenly. I lost feeling in my fingers.

Now it's getting late. I need to wrap this entry up and get some sleep. I'll update with more pictures soon!

poohstanggt says:
Awesome blog so far and incredible pics! I am nearby in Sacramento and you are going to absolutely LOVE living up here. Northern CA has so much to offer and you can see some amazing sights, all within a few hour drive. I am a native CA (So Cal though) and it's like a dream come true living up here. I've never seen such beautiful scenery. Hope you can make the TB Meet next month in SF!!
Posted on: Dec 27, 2007
mkb2006 says:
Please tell about how it was to travel with you pets. I read on in the "special needs" section,that you can bring one cat per person on as carry on. for a total of two per cabin. So what did you do since you had to fly alone with your two cats?
Posted on: Nov 25, 2007
superduperfantastic says:
you have a rooftop view? i'm envious! :)
Posted on: Nov 13, 2007
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