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Reading San francisco chronicle and trying out our new coffee maker. Only 4.95 at the corner thrift shop!

I woke up early this morning and peered around at our new bedroom. It's an observatory room with large windows on all sides, the view overlooks the golden gate bridge and the rest of San Francisco below us. The bedroom is small, just room for a bed and a small computer table + bookshelf but the beautiful view of the city more than makes up for it. The two big chinese style doors open up to the livingroom

We still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, but our first task was the most important one.

Buying a coffee maker.

Our friend doesn't drink coffee, but we need it for survival.

We wandered through the streets of San Francisco, checking all the general stores, wal greens and hardware stores for a cheap coffeemaker.

our view from the bedroom window
Eventually we found a dusty and dirty black MR COFFEE coffee maker in the back of a thrift shop on the corner of California street and Larkin street. It was only $4.95.

We walked up the steep hills back to our home happily cradling our new appliance. The hills are exhausting to climb and the trek back seemed to take forever. We also stopped for groceries at the local food store.

Once we made it up the four flights of stairs to our apartment, we were sweating and exhausted.

We washed off Mr. Coffee and plugged it in. we crossed our fingers and waited hopefully for that familiar brewing gurgle...

It worked.

Goal 1# achieved. We have a coffee! life is good.

I enjoyed a cup of joe while reading our local newspaper "The San Francisco Chronicle". Not quite as informative as "The New York Times" but I'll adjust...

Goal 2# - Get "Marty" back in shape.

We need to take our little Toyota Corolla to the car shop today. He's not sounding so good. His brakes are making a horrible schreeching noise and we're hoping it's just the brake pads. Eric has been using the hand brake which is difficult on the steep up and down streets of S.F.

We're hoping the repair cost doesn't break us. we don't have much money right now. Please let it be an easy and affordable fix.

We've gone so far... Marty can't die on us now. He just can't...

DAY 2 of 365 days

Sunflower300 says:
Let him (Marty) rest in peace... he has served you well.
Posted on: Sep 22, 2007
mellemel8 says:
yay welcome to frisco. looking forward to more entries :)
Posted on: Sep 21, 2007
sybil says:
hehe... my friends up there feel the same way about the chronicle! :D
Posted on: Sep 21, 2007
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Reading San francisco chronicle an…
Reading San francisco chronicle a…
our view from the bedroom window
our view from the bedroom window