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When I returned back to work people asked me where I went for summer vacation.  Of course, I answered Intercourse!  Home to roughtly 1,000 members of the Amish community, this township has become a popular site simply because of it's name.  Neighbored by the township of Blue Ball, the township's sources of income are agriculture and tourism.   The town was originally named Cross Keys when it was founded way back in the 1750's.  Oddly enough, the original name was derived from a local tavern.  The town's name changed in 1814 to it's current name for unknown reasons.  Of course there are several rumors circulating as to why it was changed to this.  They vary it being a horse racing term, to it being the intercourse or intersection of two roads along with yet another theory suggesting it deals with the sexual aspect of the name.

  Whatever the case may be, Intercourse has remained Intercourse throughout the course of history.

The town is extremely scenic.  We spent a good bit of time simply driving through the country side.   The best part about Intercourse, aside from it's humerous name is the good food.  Many can those folks cook!  There is nothing in the world like a good Amish meal.  While wandering through the country roads we discovered an Amish owned and operated restraunt.  Many of the patrons were Amish, we were the few "modern people" there.  Lunch was served buffet style with many many options ranging from chicken, shepard's pie, the best and most fresh vegetables you'll ever taste in your life and the most divine deserts known to mankind.

  The ladies working there were some of the most friendly people I've ever encountered. 

 The town features many shops on the main road which feature crafts and foods made by the locals.  In some of the shops there were even artisians making their crafts.  They had beautiful woodwork and their wagons were top notch. 

I wonder how they feel about us coming to visit their community.  It's as if they are put on display like some sort of freakshow.  The song "Amish Paradise' by Weird Al Yankovich echoed in my head as I strolled down the streets.  It made me wonder how frequently the natives were ill treated simply because their beliefs are different than ours.  I was also reminded of the saying "Different isn't always wrong" and in this sense it certainly isn't.  Their chosen lifestyle is one that I could never handle but that doesn't mean that it's wrong and I should judge. 


Forgive me for the poor quality of the pictures, I was working with a cheap camera on this trip and many of my photographs came out blurry.

rwilliams83 says:
I grew up in Reading PA and it still baffles me that people "vacation" to see the amish :-) Though, many times Menonites are confused for Amish. Did you happen to see the town of Bird-in-hand, PA? I hope you had a woopie pie too!
Posted on: Oct 30, 2007
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photo by: Ann_Hells