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The trip up north was rather uneventful aside from the fact that I almost got rearended by a maniac.  After the  7 hour drive up north, I wanted some time to relax but my cousins had other plans.  We drove up to Concord Mills, a massive mall located not far from their house.  The mall is North Carolina's largest tourist attraction and after visiting there, I can see why.  The city is deeply influenced by NASCAR racing and this is extremely evident at the mall.  The mall is anchored by Bass Pro Shop, AMC, and our destination, NASCAR Speedpark.  Although I myself don't like NASCAR, I do enjoy racing around in go-karts. 

After being dropped off at the front doors, we walked into the NASCAR SpeedPark.  We were immediately greeted by an indoor bi-level figure-eight racetrack complete with speeding go-garks.  We bought $10 worth of tickets each, which would be enough for only 2 races.  We determined that the outdoor tracks looked like they would be more fun so we headed outside.  Before getting into our karts, we created a plan complete with a secret hand signal.  After doing a few laps, I casually raised my left hand and my cousin redirected his kart towards mine and slammed me into the side rails causing me to spin out.  I got back into the race, my cousins slowed down just a little bit so that I could catch up.  Next, my cousin lifted his left arm and I deliberately t-Boned him.  The rules were to not hit other go-Karts clearly, our collisions were accidental :)

We went back to the ticket counter to purchase more tickets so we could race on the indoor track.  The line was long and we were impatient so we decided to play laser tag instead.  Laser tag cost us less tickets and we had enough to have my uncle join us for the game.  Laser Tag rocked!  I love that game, it was like being a kid all over again.  At the end of the game, the guy in charge never told us who won, so I deemed myself the winner.  He headed across the hall for some soft pretzels and made the long journey back to the car.

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photo by: spocklogic