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The cousins were in town again this weekend.  They came to spend Friday and Saturday with us before heading back up to Charlotte.  If it weren't Brad and Jonathan I probably would have been irratated that they were back for a second weekend, but I love those guys to death so it was okay.

Friday we just piddled around at Coldstone and the Apple store but yesterday was AWESOME!  After brunch we headed over to the Budweiser brewery and did the free tour they offer there.  At the end of the tour you get 2 free beers so we were all over that.  For people who don't like beer, they have Bacardi delievered from the Barcardi plant down the road but sicne the morning shipment hadn't come in when we got there I tried this stuff called Peels.

  It was pretty good.  We were drinking and it was just after twelve.  I love it!

Next we headed out to Ichnetuckee to go tubing down the river.  Since we got there at mid-afternoon we couldn't go on the long route so we had to take the shorter hour long river trip.  We had a lot of fun, except for when Justin lost my new fucking sunglasses after flipping off of a tree into the river.

When we got back home we had Pizza Hut and we all dressed in our jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts.  The guys packed knives and guns "just in case".  Dustin, Justin, Brad, Jonathan, Scott, Melissa & I were heading for School 4.  School 4 is a "haunted" school downtown.  It's not exactly a tourist attraction, it's more of the lesser known parts of Jacksonville and not a place you want to visit if you get startled easily.

   There was a big fire there and the school is all in shambles.  Parts of the wood floors are all rotted out and on the upper floor it's easy to fall through.  Other parts of the school are open to the moonlight since the roof has been long gone.  When we got to the school all the windows were boarded up and the usual entry points had been bricked over.  We nearly gave up on prying open one of the higher windows by the schools main entrane when the boys decided to go back and give it another try.  There were hammers in the trunk so they brought that back to the school leaving behind one of the flashlights.  We were left with just one flashlight and Melissa's weenie key chain flashlight (which later came in handy).
  The guys were able to take a 2 X 4 and pry the wood off of the window the rest of the way.  To get into the building we had to stand on 2 cement blocks Scott found, then put our foot on a 3 in ledge and pull ourselves into the window which had bits of glass and some nails.  Once we all got inside we wandered around the school.  We went into the Principal's office, the auditorium, several classrooms and even a bathroom.  Every inch of every wall was spray painted over with graffiti.  The rain caused lots of extra noises.  The scariest part was knowing we might get caught and if we were we'd be nailed for trespassing and break and entering.

We went into one classroom that had a ton of school papers laid out on the ground.

  They papers were dated with dates ranging from the early 70's to 1983.  With dates with that wide of range in one room I'm sure some of it had been planted there.  It's considered taboo to take any of the papers found in the building.  We walked away with about 20.  Everything from a teacher's sign in sheet log to worksheets and book orders.

Lastly, Jonathan, Dustin and Justin went down into the "Principal's Hole" which is located in the Principal's office.  It's about 2 feet wide and 3 feet long and from there you drop down into the basement.  In the basement there are several rooms and as you continue through the hall the roof gets lower and lower in a very Wonkaesque way.  We didn't see an ghosts but we did hear noises.  Pictures will be coming soon

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