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Sunday morning, after spending Friday and Saturday in Charlotte, Brad & I drove out to the moutains for Easter with the family.  Being the antsy type, I figured we wouldn't stay at the house for very long.  Brad and I were going to head out to Pisgah Nat'l Forest to hang out.  Pisgah is this absolutely gorgeous forest near the house.  It's got great hiking trails and excellent views.  My mom put a hault to those plans however.  In the paper that morning there was an article on DuPont Forest.  Mom and Dad went earlier in the morning to scope it out and suggested that a group of us go there instead.


As soon as we get there Brad, Jonathan & I break away from the group.  On the way to the path we passed a sign telling us to stay on the path because injury or death could occur.  We followed the path for less than five minutes when we spotted our first little rapid in the water.  We left the path to check it out and I saw a little clearing that we could take to follow the river.  Being the nosy person that I am I decided to check it out.  We followed the river to a fishing hole and before us was the most spectacular sight, Triple Falls.  A series of waterfalls that cascaded off the side of the mountain.  I don't know what possessed us to do it but we decided to climb all the way to the highest fall.  I don't remember even voicing that we were going to do it, all three of us spotted it and knew what had to be done.

  We climbed the rocks up the first one and looked out.  People were looking at us like we were nuts but we kept going.  Some of the rocks were slippery with ice or wet with spray from the falls.  Several of the rocks had no footholes or grasps so we had to hoist each other up.  By the time we climbed up to the highest fall we looked below us.  We could see the other falls as well as specks of people in the fishing hole.  Above them was an observation deck on the path.  Our family was standing there waving to us.  They weren't at all surprised we ventured off on a less traveled path and climbed the falls. 

Once we got up we saw that the only way to get down was to climb back down.  We slid down our our butts most of the time.  It turns out, our way was not only more scenic (they didn't get even close to the falls, we were able to feel the spray and touch them), but easier.  They had just gotten to the look out when we spotted them.  This is as close as the trail would take them. 

sybil says:
what a fun adventure! ... the road less traveled? :D
Posted on: Oct 14, 2007
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photo by: mswim