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There are two reasons that people visit Gettysburg, PA.  1)  For it's rich civil war history and 2) Boyds Bears.  My brother and his girlfriend of the time were expecting their first child so we chose the latter option as our reason to visit Gettysburg.  On our previous trip we got to see the historical side of the town, this time we were here for the "fun" side.  Our visit here was a surprise to me.  Being the nerd that I am, I played along with the employees of Boyds Bears.  Pulling into the driveway of the store the posted speedlimit is "12 2/3 MPH or 6 3/4 MPH If It's...Raining, Snowing, Sleeting, Freezing, Overcast, Windy, Foggy, or... Year Of The Seven-Year Locusts!"  I wonder if anyone has ever been pulled over for not obeying the speed limit?  The store itself is an enormous barn.

  It operates much like Cabbage Patch's Babyland Nursery or Build-A-Bear.  You are given a punch in/out card and at each station you have to punch your card as it was a timecard.  You are also given a construction hat and an unstuffed bear.  You are responsible for choosing what traits you would like for your bear to have.  There are different colors of stuffing that you stuff into the bear, each color represents a different trait such as courage, honesty, etc.  Later on you get to sort through loads and loads of clothing and accessories to customize your bear even more.  It's a great place to visit for kids! 

Also in the barn you will find thousands and thousands of Boyds Bears on display.  There's  baby nursery, a school, and any possible setting you can imagine.  It's very cute!  If you're planning on taking your kids to Gettysburg to show them the historical aspects of the town, I suggest breaking up the trip with a visit to Boyds Bears.  The kids will love it!

LaceyTyre says:
haha, I read your blog the whole time thinking it said "Boyds Beer". I was like, what does drinking beer have to do with Build a Bears?
Posted on: Oct 12, 2007
stabber911 says:
Where is the picture of your customised bear? and what it is represent??
Posted on: Oct 12, 2007
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Me making Olivia her first teddy b…
Me making Olivia her first teddy …
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