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We arrived in Guatemala City on Friday afternoon after a 6ish hour bus ride from Rio Dulce.  My friend Myriam (a fellow SMC and Rome program alum) picked us up at the bus station and we got a quick narrated tour of the city from her coworker Rudy while Myriam tried not to kill us in traffic.  We had our first taste of Guatemalan culture at the Campero near Myriam's apartment.  Campero is a tasty (and classy) fast-food chicken joint that is apparently the reason KFC went bankrupt in Guatemala.  A waitress takes your order from your booth.  Take that, KFC.

On Friday night we went to a pedestrian walkway area with a bunch of restaurants, bars and clubs.  Very nice, though the music was a bit loud.  Myriam was shocked by how little Beau moves when faced with an array of loud dance music.  I belive the word robotic was used. 

Saturday we went to Myriam's sister's birthday party.  Lots of food and about 30 relatives crammed into the sister's house (her name is Gina).  It was fun, especially when Douglas (Gina's husband) got drunk and started trying to get Beau to dance, or at least tell him what kind of music he wanted to listen to....I think in the hope that familiar music would get Beau to dance.  Poor Douglas.  Ultimately a futile exercise, unless you count some toe-tapping. 

Today Myriam and her mom brought us to Antigua to do a little shopping and siteseeing...and have some pizza which Myriam described as, well, so good it might be sexually satisfying.  It was quite good.  We walked around a bit, ducking into cafes and shops to avoid the rain.  Guatemala has a lot of rain.  Seriously.  

We're staying here tonight so Beau can climb an active volcano tomorrow.  No thanks on that one.  I'm staying in Antigua for some credit card exercise.  We're going to head to the highlands on Tuesday and come back here on Friday for another weekend a la Myriam.  Good times.
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