Sand and Sea Slugs (or, Pipas and Prostitutes)

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view of the north side of the beach from the rocks

Hey everybody.  Several days ago we were in Tamarindo, a strong group of six gringos strolling the beach and cruising the commercial strip.  The town is on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in the ranching region of Guanacaste

Tamarindo is pretty well touristed, so it was a bit expensive, but a decent time nonetheless.  The beach is very pretty with white sand and some cool rock formations.  Beau and Kristen and I spent the first morning scouring the rocks for a new species of tidal marine life.  I think we found one, but we didn´t take any pictures and didn´t show anyone else, so you´ll just have to take our word for it.

more tamarindo beach
  We named him Antonio.  There were also lots of already discovered critters, like slimy sea slugs and hermit crabs and small tadpole-like fishes. 

Our other beach discovery was the existence of pipas (pronounced pee-pahs)...apparently some kind of coconut water that comes in a cold coconut with a straw.  My guidebook tells me it´s considered cleansing, and too many pipas can be a powerful diuretic.  That said, we didn´t actually try any pipas, but we were quite amused by the one pipa-vendor who strolled up and down the sand all day everyday with a cooler yelling "pipas" in his low baritone voice.  At first we thought he was selling "rivers" or perhaps "wepos".     

After spending the days finding sea slugs and pipas, we headed out to sample some of the fine Tamarindo nightlife.

sea slug, slugging along
  That is when we discovered Tamarindo's other interesting inhabitants, the ladies of the night.  Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, which is something you may not know until you see the sign in the San Jose airport cautioning you not to go looking under the age of consent (18).  In Tamarindo you have to be on the lookout for who is and isn't selling.  One of our traveling companions was chatting up a young lady for most of one night, dancing, buying drinks, having a good time and then was hit with a "if you want to spend some more time with me (1 hour exactly), it will be $100".  Yikes. 

Here are a couple of pictures from Tamarindo, mostly the beach and interesting marine life.

wilma says:
Hey Emily,
I'm still liking the pictures. The guys had a great time I hear. Maybe Jim and I will go there sometime. You have certainly had some great adventures. You're my hero(ine). Stay safe and keep having fun.
Posted on: Aug 01, 2006
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view of the north side of the beac…
view of the north side of the bea…
more tamarindo beach
more tamarindo beach
sea slug, slugging along
sea slug, slugging along
Tom shows his appreciation for our…
Tom shows his appreciation for ou…
Beau taking of picture of shifting…
Beau taking of picture of shiftin…
photo by: Nico22