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This is Beau and I at the movies in Cancun. We saw El Codigo DaVinci while waiting to meet Shanti

Well, we are in Cancun and we met the director of our field school today.  Unfortunately, the permit for the site was not approved by INAH (the division of government in charge of archaeological sites all over Mexico) for reasons unknown.  The field season this year has been scrapped for the site, and while there is the possibility of lab work at other sites, we ultimately decided to move on.  Beau and I are probably the least affected by these circumstances, as others have paid for airline tickets to Cancun specifically for field school. So we are choosing to bow out and create less hassle and more opportunity for others. 

Fortunately, the director, Shanti, has lots of knowledge about cool places to see in the Yucatan, so we have alternate plans already.

Thanks for the tip, Fog.
  Onward to Valladolid and the ruins at Ek Balam.  There are limestone sinkholes (cenotes) there that are supposed to be fun to explore and Shanti claims that the Ek Balam ruins are the best in the Yucatan. Take that, Chichen Itza. 

For tonight, who knows.  Maybe, as Fogarty suggested, a trip to ole Senor Frog's is in order.  Yard Margaritas, anyone?  

UPDATE* I've added some photos, including one of me in front of Senor Frog's.  I feel compelled to point out that we didn't actually go in, but the dudes at the door behind me are dudes we were following on the sidewalk and speculating about.  We were wondering where they were headed, maybe Hooters, maybe Carlos and Charlie's, but as it turns out, Senor Frog's IS the chosen hot spot for the young gringos.  We had to take a picture after that discovery.   

kindoor says:
The note from Mike about stuff that happens in Vegas is true. We saw the storage facility in downtown Cancun. They don't keep it in the Zona Hotelera, because of confusion between Vegas happenings and Cancun happenings. Often, the memories of things are from the same exact people. It turns out the same people that do things in Cancun on college spring break often do the same, or similar things later in Vegas. Plus, the downtown area (where the locals live) is cheaper than storage rates in the Zona Hotelera.
Posted on: May 31, 2006
amitche1 says:'ve done it again! --tobias funke
Posted on: May 28, 2006
rmwick says:
What a bummer. Apparently the universe (aka the Mexican government) did not intend for you to do any digging on this trip. Limestone sinkholes sound cool!
Posted on: May 28, 2006
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This is Beau and I at the movies i…
This is Beau and I at the movies …
Thanks for the tip, Fog.
Thanks for the tip, Fog.
photo by: Marina2710